Tuesday, November 14, 2006

attention all my british and aussie lovelies!

I need help with my linguistics class, and if any of you would like to give me some input on a few (8-10) questions for differences between our dialects, it would make my day. I, of course, have lots more questions if you have lots of time, I might even post them as a meme here, since they are really interesting.

Email me, please dears, at alecya_giovanni@hotmail.com

My american pals can check out sodavspop.com and let me know what you think too....

love alecya

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Can you make it hot for me?

Its official. I'm going to Kuwait. I'll be there from the 13 DEcember until 23 December this year. And I am going to take so many pictures. I am really, really excited. Really.

In other news I am terribly tired and am pestering my bosses for another day off during the week. My 4.0 GPA is slipping and I am worried. If I can't make all A's I cant graduate with honors and that's not acceptable. In happy academic news my PLS 101 professor is publishing an academic paper and I am getting to publish it. I am really excited. I read the first draft and its amazing. I'm really looking forward to the finished product. (stop laughing, those of you who are stillreading, just because I don't edit here doesnt mean I dont know how to!)

Beloved is feeling better. This Sunday is our 5 year anniversary. I'm really happy about it.

And if thats not enough to celebrate the Dems took over the house and looks like the senate and I've got a DEmocratic senator in my state. *And* our stem cell initiative passed! Its enough to make a bleeding heart like me rejoice.

hope you all are having a happy post election day...