Friday, November 27, 2009

Stand by me

So, the handfasting ceremony took place on November 8th. All of our friends came and were super supportive. We thought it was really beautiful. We got our capes and my dress done in time and the stress level was next to nothing because Perpet and Guitar Hero took care of everything for us the day of the wedding. We even had time to clip ina little nap.

There isn't much I can tell you about the ceremony that will be of interest to you that you couldn't google and fine out, but I thought I might post my vows for you to see, if you like. They aren't quite the traditional vows, so...

I, Alecya, do take you, Kitten, as my partner and mate. Never will I seek to do you harm; always will I strive for your happiness and welfare. My love will be your treasure in the times when other riches fail to serve. My love will be your medicine in sickness as my hand tends your needs. My love will be your mirth when your heart is touched by sadness. My love will be your shining star through the darkest of nights. My love will be your banquet when life’s table seems empty. All this do I promise you with all the love that is in my heart. So may it be.

I thought it was beautiful.

Anyway, after that we took our drive down to Florida. Since most of you have an idea of where I live it won't suprise you we took two days to do it since it was over 1,000 miles to get there. We were a huge joke for our friends, we had to upgrade our rental car because of all of our luggage. We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 bags between the two of us, not counting hatboxes and the cooler and stuff. We ended up ina Ford Focus that we named Frederick. The drive down was okay. Once we hit Alabama it was okay. I'll save the story for another post but I am not a huge fan of the state of Mississippi after the trip.

We got to FLorida and it was beautiful. We had a great time. I'll tell you all about the trip in some posts too.

I brought more pictures. If you want to see all my pics, friend me on facebook. I have two albums devoted to the honeymoon and one for the wedding. Its under Alecya Giovanni. Just message me to tell me who you are becuse I don't accept strangers as friends.

Love you all.

Me and Kitten with Stitch at Epcot.

Kitten meeting her favorite Princess, the Princess Aurora. She was delighted. It was so cute.

Me and Kitten preparing for a night out at Victoria and Alberts. Its a super fancy restuarant. We had 8 courses of bliss. It was fun to dress up. (there was a dress code)

Me and stitch.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Who's the leader of the club?

And I am back from the honeymoon.
The ceremony went well. It was beautiful. I managed not to cry (in front of anyone)

The honeymoon was amazing and I wish we could have stayed another two weeks. I'll have more pictures up shortly.
Love you all.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I can't get enough

Well, its almost time for the wedding and my bride panic hasn't eased up to much. I managed to give myself a raging migraine twice this last week. But things are going okay, other than that. I've got my dress made, and the trim for it is almost half done. Kitten's Cape is almost done, Mine and Earth girl's just need sewn together, which I think I am going to make Kitten do tonight. She's better with the sewing machine than I am. I hand sew everything. I've got half the candy for the wedding made, tonight I'll finish that, and we're practicing tonight for the benefit of everyone involved, including trying not to cut our fingers off with the boline. That's what had me most nervous.

We're packed and ready to go, so there isn't much about the honeymoon that I can say other than I am excited.

Halloween was fun, I hope everyone else had a fun time with it. I dressed up for work Saturday and Friday night. It was a blast. Friday I did a disco ting with Royal, my favorite co-bartender. WE went shopping for his costume thursday and I think he had more fun than Kitten and I did, but then, he'd never been to a flea market, so it was all new to him. Saturday my costume evolved. In the morning I was Zorro, but my care was getting caughton the bar stuff and I couldn't see out of my mask too well. So I donned a fedora and a red tie, lost the capre and went as The Spirit. No one knew who I was. Again. I've got to pick a more mainstream costume next year, so I don't spend all day explaining myself.

Hope all is well in your worlds, I'm off to clean before I head to work.

Lots and lots of love.