Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where You Going With The Mask I Found?

Dear lord, if it isn't one thing, its another. My roommate is moving out, I'm financially desperate again and my student aid got mixed up, sent to another Alecya that goes to my school with my exact name [how is that possile?] and I'm a sitting duck right about now. I've been having these dizzy spells and suspicions are riding high that I am a Type 2 diabetic. As if things couldn't get worse for me medically. A visit to the doc is going to sort it all out. Oh. And FAMILY RESTAURANT fired me. Finally. But I've got another job. So its cool. I was on my way out the door anyway.

But! Otherwise, I suppose, things aren't too bad. I'm getting ready to sell the truck. [I think I said that last month] and I am going to sell the house. So I'll be out from under two financial burdens right there.

I'm in the process of not obsessing over the wedding. Which can't officially be "The Wedding" until Plush proposes, which may not be soon since he can't find a ring he likes. Still, he's always coming up and going "How do you feel about sushi at the cocktail hour?" or "I was watching Platinum Weddings the other day, I don't think I like all the red. Its too loud. What do you think of pastels?" So I think its fair to plan, don't you? I hope so, this weekend I'm going shopping for dresses with my and his mother. I've found one I'm rather fond of, and I think it suits me. You tell me....

I think its lovely, and its got the black detail available. And I've been dying to have black detailing in my dress. I like the look a lot. But, my aunt Preistess made me promise not to just try that one. So I've got to try on a whole lot of them before I decide on just one. But this one is the front runner for sure.
I have a whole bunch of other ones I've seen that I like, the trouble is most of them run the $1000 to $3000 range, which, as you might imagine, is a bit out there for me. Actually, I'm in a bit of sticker shock, the budget, as of now, is somewhere in the range of $13,000. Which, of course, means I will only have to figure out a way to save three hundred or so a month the next two years. His family is helping out too, which is very sweet. I think we've got a good thing going, really. I'm creative, and I think we'll be able to come up with something lovely. We've decided for around fall 2009. He'll be ready to graduate then, and I'll be getting there. Its a good time to start a new life, I figure.
In the meantime, I'm still trying to devise a way to break it to [not] Beloved that I've found the person of my dreams. She's already haveing fits that I am dating "a stinky boy" as she so elegantly phrases it. I'll never hear the end of it. Not that it matters, its my happiness, right? Still, I am already tired of the jokes about me being strait all along. I find it odd, especially because it shouldn't offend me. Seeing as how I am, now, technically strait, and will be for the rest of my life.
I know you lot are probably, being the protective lovelies you are, wondering how I can be so sure about Plush when I've just had a 5 year relationship flushed down the tubes a little over 8 months ago. I'll say this. I love him. I really, really love him in a way I am not even sure I understand. He makes me feel things I never felt with anyone, not with Beloved or with any other person, male or female. I'm safe when I am with him and I can't stand to be without him. He compliments me, he feels like a part I've been missing all along. I talked to him the other day, asked him if it worried him that we were jumping in feet first and not bothering to look below. He said exactly what I feel, which is, no, I know I should be, but somehow, I'm not. Somehow, I feel like this is exactly what should happen. And for once, my family is right behind me on this, and his family is too. All of his family. His brother and sister and his mom, and they're cheering us on. His mom told me the other day that the minute she met me she knew Plush an dI were meant for eachother. That meant a lot to me.
Anyhow. I'm sapping out, when I ought to be studying. Still, I figure, I ought to share with you.
Speaking of, despite my failing three classes last semester my cumulative GPA is still a 3.1, go me! This semester I can knock it out of the park, and I'll be back on the dean's list, and ready to go. Its a nice thought.
Hey...would any of you come to a middle of nowhere wedding? Curious, only curious....
Love you all

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

long time, no see

Hey guys. I wanted to drop you aline let you know I am still alive. life is, uh, interesting. The downward financial spiral thatbegan with (not) Beloved and I's breakup is continuing. My finances are a mess. I am selling the house, and my truck. Yikes. But, it will get better. right?
In other news, I have a boyfriend. Yes. A BOYfriend. Call him Plush. He's fabulous. We've been dating for three months now and I honestly can't imagine a person could ever be better to me. I'm a lucky girl.

I'm being obliging enough to post some pics, if you want to see what I (or he) look like. Its been a while...I know. I'll try to come back and be more friendly.

If you've given in to the monster MYspace, you can find me there too... look up alecya giovanni. My last name, obviously, is giovanni.....I'll add you....

pics, now.

This is me and plush and my mom....

This is us looking Emo....

This is us at Karaoke...

This is me and Plush and his best friend Dutch.

Incidentally, I've gotten two new tats, one on each arm.... did you spot them?
I've missed you all...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Right. Its been a month, nothing has really happened that I think anyone will care about.

And I am contemplating a break. A big one.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Don't Turn Around

Right. Briefest of updates about life in my world. So much going on, obviously, I've not been around much. Thats in part due to the major ice storm that hit the midwest. I lost power in my house for 14 days, joy oh rapture. Thank god Little Dragon [have Itold you guys about her yet? remind me to] got her family to take me in, so I spent about 6 days sleeping on a pallet in the floor of a loft with her, Shrugs and her little brother [Oh Goody] and then another week or so at her house, because she got power back a lot sooner than I did. It was a nightmare, no makeup no luxuries hardly anything for 2 weeks, I'm glad its all over. Either way, I'm glad to be back home.

Right. So, Little Dragon is a person I met through Rogue, she's fabulous and our parents went to high school together, how weird is that? She's a doll. And she's a mystic, like me. And she's a lot better than I am, she's got a ton of talent, tell you the truth its difficult keeping her out of my head, she's got such a strong hook to her energy people naturally let her in. A lot like Rogue.

Speaking of my darling girl, we're fighting, although we've called a bit of a cease fire for the sake of both our sanities. Its ugly, its been ugly, but we're working on it. It all comes down to whether or not a person is willing to sacrifice or risk sacrificing a friendship to keep that friend from hurting themselves in an irreparable way. I am . And so she's mad at me. But we'll make it. We love eachother too much not to. That's what Shrugs and Little Dragon say, anyhow.

Speaking of love, Beloved and I are still on speaking terms, I am coping with all of this pretty well, I think, although I am not particularly in the mood to date right now I have met some nice girls my age and its delightful to hang out with them and have some semblance of a life on my own. I am enjoying the freedom a bit. It took some adjusting but I've gotten there. And I've gotten to the point where I'll eat, for a while I wasnt wanting to eat, not because I was strving myself, I just didnt have the energy. But my appetite is back, and I think that heralds good newd for me.

On the school front, I'm back in the swing of things. I have a 3.8 GPA [for you brits, that's .2 away from perfect] and I made the deans list this last semester. I fully intend to do it again. I'm really proud of myself.

The Lump, its nothing, and I am having it microchipped to make sure it stays nothing, but all is clear and healthy on that front.

As far as health goes, I have picked up smoking a great deal, but I have no other bad habits, eh?

Oh! and, as a joke [remind me to let you in on the joke later] Me, Shrugs, Little Dragon, Skippy and Rogue are all going to their Loyalty Dance at their school together, I am Little Dragon's "date" I'll have to tell you all about it, we're laughing so hard about it we can't even see strait. But I picked out my dress and we're all wound up about what Rogue is calling "the greatest prank ever played" Its for the benefit of their basketball team, really. Apparently yours truly is a dog, and has all four of them on a string for me. We'll see....

Well, my loves, I am off to class, those of you that know it, you should email me, you know.

Oh, and thanks to the lot of you who sent me xmas cards. It meant a lot to me.

xxxxxxxx [and then some]

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

times are a changin

Hello. I know I've been gone since I came home from Kuwait, and I promise to tell you all abut it when I have a moment, but I've not got a moment to spare, there's one bit of info I have to drop by before I run off, the reason for my absence. Beloved left me. I'm okay. She's okay. We're still going to be friends, but after 5 years...well, it takes some getting used to being alone again. I am keeping the house, we've worked something out. And Shrugs is going to move in and be my new roommate, which will work a treat, because I adore him and I can *tolerate* his girlfriend, a little. :) I figure this is time for a change, and life is going to get better. It has to. On the flip side, I amexhausted. I forgot how tiring being single can be.

I love you all. I'll give you a more full update when I can.