Monday, June 29, 2009

Put on your pretty lies

I haven't posted in over a week, I feel like I'm slacking!

I've been busy. Between work and work and life. Last week Kitten's Aunt Em came to visit and it was fun, but i am glad to have the house back to myself. There's something nice about beign able to run around the house in your underoos or nothing at all and not worry about bumping into anyone. The house was getting messy too. I didn't have time to clean, beacuse we were out doing stuff all the time. I have to admit I never realized how private a person I was until I had to share the house. I felt really unsociable most of the week. I wanted to sleep a lot too, that never helps. But working two jobs is tiring. Especially when one keeps you up late....

Kitten bought me a ring. Its beautiful and I love it. I'll be taking pictures and putting it up shortly. I totally girled out. It was sweet. I could go on forever about how happy I am but you get enough of that. I'll spare you.

Work at the club is still going well. I think I'm getting better. This is the first time I have ever had a job where I feel the constant need to improve. I like it. Its stress, but in a good way. My boss likes me and all of my co-workers are awesome.

My life at Casa Bueno is not so great right now. My scheduling manager has cut my hours big time as punishment for me getting another job. The hours suck and I'm not making a whole lot of money. I hate that feeling, like I'm not contributing much. I am contemplating quitting, but that won't help money matters until I have another job in hand, so I'm there for the time being.

I've had quite a bit of drama from Kitten's ex and her friend this last week. It was making me angry, but I'm to the point now where I can laugh about it. It seems Ex has finally started to remember all of Kitten's redeeming qualities and she misses her. She has started texxting her and trying to spend time with her, telling Kitten she can "try to be nice" to me if she can hang out with her. Her efforts at being nice to me are minimal at best, and Kitten is putting her out at every turn. She came up to The Speakeasy the other night while I was working with Kitten's friends. Kitten ignored her most of the night. We were going to go on a float trip with Ex and some of Kittens other friends, but we've decided not to go. I can't get off work and Kitten won't go without me. They've spent the last week trying to convince her to leave me being and either sleep in Ex's tent or to bring along one of her former paramours. Its not working. I'm pleased Kitten is demonstrating so much loyalty to me, and she's plainly told them to stop disrespeccting me. Another thing I very much appreciate.

One of her other old flames just broke up with her girlfriend and came up to the Speakeasy on Saturday to convince Kitten that I'm nothing special and she should sleep with her, because "it was nice when they were together" Kitten told her she wasn't even going to consider hurting me like that. The girl asked her what was so special about me. Kitten told her plenty, I suppose. She left the bar crying. This is how it works though, isn't it? It seems that way. You make a commitment to your partner and suddenly all your former lovers want you back and every person who ever considered you for a date before comes out of the woodwork.

Its nice to be secure in a relationship. My girl is beautiful and engaging. I'm proud to be with someone so sought after. And even more proud she's happy having chosen me.

Politically, I've been trying to keep up with the news (difficult, since I don't spend as much time on the computer as I had been and we don't have TV anymore) and it seems like things aren't improving as much as everyone would like. I always had a presentiment that President Obama would be a one term president. I think I'll be right about that. It doesn't seem we're doing too well diplomatically, and I'm frankly nervous about North Korea. We'll see how that turns out in the next week or so, I suppose. And Domestically, well, lets say his backing of DOMA was not one of my prouder moments for him. And they've made some changes to smoking laws that are going to rub me the wrong way. Say all you want about it being bad for my health, its my choice, and I'm irritated that the FDA is running the tobacco show. There's rumor that all flavored tobaccos are going to be outlawed and I think that's just silly. They're touting the changes being made as huge savings for the country in healthcare, but Ihave to wonder how putting specialty tobbacco companies out of bbusiness will do anything for our already pathetic economy.

That's about me for now. Everyone else holding up okay?


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bring the beat back

The new job is going well, but you know, its not really as easy as I thought it would be. I mean, the music and the soundboard are easy. Its the making people happy that's difficult. And you know, I'm not good as far as people skills go.

A typical night for me:

8:30 Set up equipment. Turn on televisions. Wrestle with input cord for video.

9:00 turn on music. Make mental note of what's playing. Set out karaoke books on tables.

9:15 Sing first song of the night to a nearly empty bar.

Play random upbeat music, but not the really popular stuff, not just yet. Encourage people to sing. Mention drink specials every twenty minutes or so.

10:30 Play a guessing game with a slightly fuller bar. Warn people that at midnight when they're drunk enough to sing I'll start running out of time.

If bar seriously full, make drunks play with hoola hoops for free shots. Laugh my ass off on the inside.

11:30 Play cupid shuffle. Dance with lots of drunk girls. Steal back fedora you wear every night from a drunk who thinks its cute.

Start playing the really popular music.

Midnight: Sing cheers theme song with a full bar. Start getting lots and lots of karaoke slips.

12:25 Argue with a drunk who wants to sing a song that's already been done. Tell them you won't play Cupid shuffle again just because they got there late.

12:45 take payoff from someone who really wants to sing but didn't get to the bar in time or waited too long and wouldn't get to sing otherwise. Listen to them swear they're awesome. They suck.

12:50 Tell obnoxious drunk you don't care if they know the owner, you still aren't moving them up in order unless they pay you off. You don't care if they're Barrak Obama's best friend. Tell people they can't sing if they don't have a slip in. Remind them the bar closes in ten minutes.

12:51 Tell a random drunk they can't sing. The bar closes in ten minutes.

1:00 Play closing song. Listen to eight people whine that they want to dance. Try not to mention they've been there all night and not danced one time yet.

1:15 break down equipment, save one michrophone. Call over speakers tabs that haven't been paid.

1:30 smoke with boss. Watch as bouncers throw out drunks. Laugh. Listen to bar gossip about customers for the night. Share your particularly annoying patron stories. Enjoy the collective staff eye roll at the idiocy of drunks.

1:45 Have a bouncer walk you to car.

Its not so bad. I just have a seriously low level of empathy. And I get more people making passes at me than I ever have in my life. Its weird. I have some deliciously funny stories for you. I'll have to make a go at those later this week.

Off to work now.

Sing a song for me.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Put a Record On

Sorry about the hiatus. I have a good excuse. I promise.

I got a second job. I'm a karaoke DJ in one of the clubs downtown - its called The Speakeasy. Its a lot of fun but thenights do tend to run together. I seem to be decent at it and everyone likes me. I'm the only female DJ they've ever hired so I'm flattered about that. I'm getting the hang of things. I think. Its only week one, though, right?

In other news my boss at Casa Bueno is mad I got a second job so my hours there have been cut. It blows. I need the money otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a second job, right? *Sigh*

Oh. And Kitten's Aunt M is coming to town for a few weeks. She's staying with us. I've been cleaning like a crazy housewife but she just sent me a message saying she's getting in at 3:30 this afternoon and not 9 tonight. I'll never finish the laundry in time.

My mom called me this morning and was delighted (no, really, she sounded it) to tell me my brother Punk has been hanging out with Plush at the bar they like to go to. Apparently Plush has a new girlfriend and she was passing out pills to everyone at the bar. Great. A drug dealer. Just what he needs. Someone tell me its not my fault.

His other, very nice, girlfriend, dumped him after he showed up at my second job on my second night drunk off his ass and her in tow (I think she was designated driving for him) and tried to get me to be physically affectionate with him and tried to convince me I needed to come back to him. No nothing doing, of course, I told him if he needed to talk that my phone is never off and he can get ahold of me when I am not on the clock and trying desperately to learn how to do my new job. He sent me about twenty texts over the next two days wanting to know why this poor girl had gotten pissed and dumped him.

Tell me this isn't my fault either.

Other than that I think all is right in the world.

I lvoe my job. I love my Kitten. Yeah. Life is good.