Thursday, September 17, 2009

Late morning lullaby

Well, I'm back in town.

We had a fantastic time at the concert. I think Brandi Carlile may be in position to bump Ani Difranco as my favorite musical artist. Her style was amazing. She did part of her set unplugged and it was breathtaking.

The trip up was nice, even if I was a little stressed out from working right up until we left. I was sick most the time we were gone. I hads my first migraine in months. I'm not sure what triggered it, but I had a good time anyhow.
We went to the Kansas City Zoo. It was beautiful. I was hot as hell, and I felt like crap, but Istill had a good time. They had two absolutely beautiful vultures (I know, I'm weird) and I watched them in complete awe. Probably my favorite part of the zoo. That and the sea lions.
In big news, I finally finished my dang novel. I'm going to start looking for a lit agent and see if i can't get published. I hope I can. I think I am a decent writer, even if this poor blog never seems to reflect it.
I got the walls in the bedroom finished and we are working on the floors tonight. Soon, I hope, I'll sleep in my new room. And Guitar Hero can move in. We're looking forward to that.

That's me....

Oh! Pics!

Kitten and Guitar Hero at the concert

Me and Kitten at the concert.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pink is my favorite obsession

I've had a very productive week. I have the room almost completely painted, so I'll be able to put up pictures pretty soon. I had a moment of paranoia that the pink dots would look rediculous, but they are just as adorable and whimsical as I had hoped. My new bedroom will be a sweet fantasy. I can't wait to move back in and escape.

I've stalled out on making the capes for the wedding, but I'll probably do that later in the week, since we are going to a concert tomorrow in Kansas City, Mo and I'll be out of town for a few days. No time to work on the floors this week, so we'll sew instead.

Speaking of concerts I get to go see Brandi Carlile tomorrow. She's a new favotrite of mine, and I think it'll be fun. We're going with Guitar hero. I'll probably have pics of that too.

That's about my week.

Oh, go check out Aravis this week. She's talking about her new school work and there's some great stuff on old english...


Monday, September 07, 2009

If you wonder about the spell I'm under

I've been out a while haven't I?

Kitten and I have been working hard on our bedroom. The floors are finally re-braced sowe can put int he hardwoods, although its looking like that won't happen until next week. I've got the walls painted blue, so all I need now is to touch them up and add the pink dots and we'll be almost done. We've been at it since July and I won't lie, I'm looking forward to having my bedroom back. I'm looking into purchasing a bedframe (one with drawers underneath) and I would rather liket o suprise Kitten with it at Christmas...hopefully. I think I've found one I like.

In other more fun news- we're having a handfasting cerecmony before we leave for Florida. I thinks its wonderful, and we're very excited. Earth Girl is going to marry us, and its likely we'll do it in our back yard. Just a few people, you know, not a lot. We contemplated not inviting our mothers, but in the end decided it would be better if we did. FFelt guilty about leaving them out of the closest thing we'll have to a wedding. Kitten's mom gave us her blessing this last Thursday, very graciously, and I was thrilled. She seems to like me very well. Apparently she asked Kitten when I was going to relax and open up to her. I told her to be patient. I'm a bit intimidated still by her mom. She's a very intelligent woman, and rather no nonsense, and Kitten's improving relationship with her is wonderful - I'm terribnly afraid I'll say something stupid and muck it up. But I do like her.

My mom didn't take the news with quite as much grace. She artfully changed the subject when I asked her blessing. I'm not suprised. She does want to be at the ceremony though, so more power to her, I suppose. She is more than a little upset that we're having a "pagan" ceremony (as though we'd have a minister come marry us?) but hopefully she'll overcome. I can hope... She was harping on me again to go to church with her this past week. Its not going to happen. I told her I supported her in her faith because I know it gives her comfort, and that Ihoped she would start supporting me in mine.

Kitten and I are handmaking our wedding clothes. She's wearing a black broadcloth suit and I'll have a lovely red silk dress. We're also both wearing hooded capes. Hers red on the outside and black on the inside; mine the opposite. Hopefully I'll have pictures of our progress soon. We're making Earth Girl a white and bronze one as a gift for marrying us. I think it will be lovely.

So I'm pretty happy at the moment. I've felt that more and more lately. Its a good thing.