Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Here's hoping I will not drown

Well, school really has kicked me into the 21st century. I broke down and bought an MP3 player off of Rogue's boyfriend. I love having it at school. In honor of my newfound coolness, here's the old Ipod fortune teller from Flashy's old blog.

1. What do you think of me?“Toxicity” System of a Down

“When I became the sunI shone life into the mans heartsWhen I became the sunI shone life into the mans hearts”

Nice, yeah?

2. Will I have a happy life?
“If you could only see” Tonic
Seems the road less traveledShows happiness unraveledAnd you got to take a little dirtTo keep what you loveThats what you gotta do

I think that says I know what to do to be happy.

3. What do My friends really think about me?
“Lola” The Kinks

Well Im not dumb but I cant understandWhy she walked like a woman and talked like a man


4. What does my significant other think of me?
“New Thing Now” Shawn Colvin

Sometimes I see the half and not the wholeSometimes I see the face and not the soulSometimes I think this place has no partFor anyone who ever had a heart

Um? I’m not sure I like that

How about….

“This is your new thing nowAnd it feels so good to doubt youI could almost live without youBut not quite”

Not much better, though

5. Do people secretly lust after me?

“Praise You” Fatboy Slim

I think that’s a yes.

6. How can I make myself happy?
“Simple Things” Usher

“It's the simple things in life we forgetYou hear her talkin' but don't hear what she saidWhy do you make something so easy so complicatedSearching for what's right in front of your faceBut you can't see it”

I think that’s an obvious one too.

7. What should I do with my life?
“Swan Dive” Ani DiFranco

I don’t like the connotations of this one either. Not happy at all…

“i've got a lack of inhibitioni've got a loss of perspectivei've had a little bit to drinkand it's making me thinkthat i can jump ship and swimthat the ocean will hold methat there's got to be morethan this boat i'm in”

8. Why must life be so painful?
“Tiptoeing through the used condomsStrewn on the piersOff the west side highwaySunset behind the skyline of jerseyWalking towards the waterWith a fetus holding court in my gutMy body highjackedMy tits swollen and soreThe river has more colors at sunset Than my sock drawer ever dreamed ofI could wake up screaming sometimesBut I don'tI could step off the end of this pier but I got shit to doAnd I've an appointment on tuesdayTo shed uninvited blood and tissueI'll miss you I say To the river to the waterTo the son or daughter I thought better ofI could fall in love With jersey at sunsetBut I leave the view to the ratsAnd tiptoe back”

Because life is pain and obligation?

9. What advice can you give me?

“Asking too much” Ani Difranco

“I want somebody who can hold my interesthold it and never let it fallsomeone who can flatten me with a kissthat hits like a fistor a sentence, that stops me like a brick wallbecause if you hear me talkinglisten to what I'm not sayingif you hear me playing guitarlisten to what I'm not playingand don't ask me to put wordsto all the spaces between notes”

Wow. Well ,there’s some romance advice for you.

10. What do you think true happiness is?

“Didn’t Cha Know” Erikah Badu

“Time to save the worldWhere in the world is all the timeSo many things I still don't knowSo many times I've changed my mindGuess I was born to make mistakesBut I ain't scared to take the weightSo when I stumble off the pathI know my heart will guide me back”

Hm. Again.

11. Will I die happy?

“Hope There’s Someone” Anthony and the Johnsons

“Hope there's someone who'll take care of meWhen I die, Will I go?Hope there's someone who'll set my heart freeNice to hold when I'm tiredThere's a ghost on the 'rizonWhen I go to bedHow can I fall asleep at nightHow will I rest my head?Oh I'm scared of the middle placeBetween light and nowhereI don't want to be the oneLeft in there, left in thereThere's a man on the 'rizonWish that I'd go to bedIf I fall to his feet tonightWill allow rest my head?So here's hoping I will not drownOr paralyze in lightAnd godsend I don't want to goTo the seal's watershedHope there's someone who'll take care of meWhen I die, Will I go?Hope there's someone who'll set my heart freeNice to hold when I'm tired”

Now that’s damn cheery. I think it’s a no.

Well ,what do you think loves?

And two posts in a month? *gasps*



Flash said...

Ah, clairvoyance & i-pods. A wonderful ting.

Cody Bones said...

So nice to keep hearing from you,#3 did make me chuckle. Coincidence? I think not. Luv ya