Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Suddenly I See

Hello friends. I'm back. Its happening more and more, almost scary, isn't it?

I suppose I could give you a more full life update, if that weren't boring. Or I could tell you what's on my mind since elections are three weeks away [and being in a state that's hotly contested things here are interesting. Our senatorial people were on "Meet the Press" even] but thats rather boring, and predictable too.

So we'll be frivilous.

First. I have an eye infection. Similar to the one I had last year (around this time if I remember correctly, I'll have to look.) My corneas are inflamed and infected because I wear my contacts more than 10 hours a day and my eyes aren't getting any oxygen. Lucky me. So I am stuck in my loser glasses (again) until my eyes heal. I went to the eye doctor for a re-evaluation today and my left eye has healed but my right eye requires more and stronger meds to heal. Hooray. But I suppose I can suck it up. He says if I don't get to taking better care of my eyes he'll take my contacts away for good because I'll end up scarring my eyes.

I was a little frightened though, when I went in today. I shoudl say, the follow up visit is a result of me discovering I have an eye infection when I went in to get my contact perscription updated. The girl behind the counter today (medical assistant, receptionsit, whatever PC word she is) looks at me -looks directly at me - and says to me "are you wearng contacts" Now, I don't know how many of you have seen pictures of me in my glasses - I don't post them often because I hate them - they are seriously campy, heavy framed eyesglasses. They look a lot like this -

There is no possible way any sane person could mistake my glasses for anything but a pair of glasses sitting plainly across my nose and obscuring your view of the rest of my face. And so I say to her, "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

And she asks again if I am wearing contacts. Now before you go defending her, saying my glasses are cool in a "linkin park" kinda way and I might be wearing fakes...they's almost 1/4" thick, you can clearly see they are real glasses, not fakes, and even were they fakes she works for an eye doctor and should be able to tell the difference from less than a foot away. Heck, I can! Anyway. So I tell her no, I do not have my contacts in and refrain from pointing out that if I ever get to th point I require both glasses and contacts to see I a) won't be legal to drive- anywhere and b) will give up and spend my days with a sweet seeing eye dog and allow beloved to cut my meat for me....

SO she gives me a hateful look and informs me that this is a follow up appointment to my contact lens appointment and we are *always* supposed to wear our contacts when we come to our eye appointment. She looks at my chart. She looks back at me and asks me why I didn't wear them. I point out I have an appointment as a follow up because we discovered last time I had an eye infection. She gives me a look that plainly says "so......" and I point out that the eye doctor was orudent enough to tell me not to wear my contacts, which are infected with eye harming bacteria, because it would make my condition worse. You know what she says?

"Oh, well, I guess that makes sense...."

And this is the person who is going to be aiming a large machine full of compressed air ant my eyes to check their pressure when I have my glaucoma test. I wonder to myself if *she* can read the numbers on the color blind chart....

So you know, I cottoned through okay....

Anyway...so we're allowed to dress up for Halloween at work. I've decided I want to be a cheerleader. How fun is that? And totally not my personality. Totally. Although I'm starting to sound like one aren't I? Haha...I think it will be a grand joke to get to wear a skirt to work. And me looking so delightfully preppy and perky will be perfect, I think.

I've acquired two new CDs in the last few days - Pussycat Dolls "PCD" and Justin Timberlake "Futuresex/Lovesounds" neither are terribly bad. Although I am *addicted* to Hinder's "Lips of an Angel" its a lovely song...well, not a cherrful message, but I am a sucker for the guitar and the vocals, I love their lead singer, so I really can't whine too much, can I? Its a nice sentiment.

Alright, I won't overwhelm you with too much at once, I know this is nearly an overdose of my personality...so...

Love you all


Flash said...

Pictures of that cheerleader outfit?
Come on!

Aravis said...

What a twit!

My glasses- when I wear them- are very similar. I like them, but then the lenses aren't too thick. Definitely go for the seeing-eye dog when you get the chance, though. *G*

As for the assistant: what a twit!

HistoryGeek said...

I'd be a mess with a seeing eye dog...you aren't supposed to play or cuddle with them when they are working. I would just send mixed messages. But if I ever need one, I'm so getting one!

Have you been watching Heroes? There's a cheerleader in that show..."Save the cheerleader, save the world!"

Cody Bones said...

OK, come back, I'm starting to get a little withdrawl going here.

Anonymous said...

I bet you look great with your glasses.