Thursday, March 01, 2007

Right. Its been a month, nothing has really happened that I think anyone will care about.

And I am contemplating a break. A big one.



LB said...

you'd be surprised, poppet.

adem said...

You mean a month isn't a big break? What!

Just feel free to pop back whenever you want.

Cody Bones said...

Do tell!!!

Aravis said...

What everyone else said...!

Hyde said...

Don't underestimate yourself.



Flash said...

Hey you!
I too have been out of the loop for a bit.
Sorry to hear of yours & Beloved's split. I hope you're ok & I know you will be.
I do hope you come back.

Antonio said...

you are missed.

Jay Allen

Anonymous said...

I care.

Aravis said...

Right. It's been two months, and we miss you!