Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Take a look at me now

Alright. Per Swiss's very sweet request, I'm putting up some more pictures. Since I haven't got the hang of my laptop yet, they aaren't in neat rows. Sorry about that.

The top one is my cousin Lovey and me at Christmas this last year, so its pretty recent.

The one of me bent over the chair is me, well, bent over a chair. I think I am at a bar called Traffic, which is now closed. It bites because their bartender made great drinks.

The one of me with long hair is me at a Halloween party with some of my friends. No that is not a stripper pole, that's a fireman's pole from the top of the warehouse we were in. Yes, that is a hot tub. Yeah, I did get get drunk enough to get in later in the evening. Home made sangria. Does it every time.

I just happened to like the next pic, I think I look cute in it. I'm at a local karaoke bar with some friends.

The pic below is me with a couple of my guy friends being silly.

I think I actually managed to Post pics of both the tattoos on my arms. The one in this pic is arabic for irony. The one on my other arm means temptation. I got that one with rogue when she got her first one last january.


swisslet said...

ah, thank you for these. Still got a cheeky grin, I see.....

Alecya G said...

I try my dear. I'm going to post more, I just have to get the hang of my computer. And take some decent pictures of myself.

Aravis said...

It's so great to see you again! It looks like you've been having some fun. Love the tattoos.