Monday, September 07, 2009

If you wonder about the spell I'm under

I've been out a while haven't I?

Kitten and I have been working hard on our bedroom. The floors are finally re-braced sowe can put int he hardwoods, although its looking like that won't happen until next week. I've got the walls painted blue, so all I need now is to touch them up and add the pink dots and we'll be almost done. We've been at it since July and I won't lie, I'm looking forward to having my bedroom back. I'm looking into purchasing a bedframe (one with drawers underneath) and I would rather liket o suprise Kitten with it at Christmas...hopefully. I think I've found one I like.

In other more fun news- we're having a handfasting cerecmony before we leave for Florida. I thinks its wonderful, and we're very excited. Earth Girl is going to marry us, and its likely we'll do it in our back yard. Just a few people, you know, not a lot. We contemplated not inviting our mothers, but in the end decided it would be better if we did. FFelt guilty about leaving them out of the closest thing we'll have to a wedding. Kitten's mom gave us her blessing this last Thursday, very graciously, and I was thrilled. She seems to like me very well. Apparently she asked Kitten when I was going to relax and open up to her. I told her to be patient. I'm a bit intimidated still by her mom. She's a very intelligent woman, and rather no nonsense, and Kitten's improving relationship with her is wonderful - I'm terribnly afraid I'll say something stupid and muck it up. But I do like her.

My mom didn't take the news with quite as much grace. She artfully changed the subject when I asked her blessing. I'm not suprised. She does want to be at the ceremony though, so more power to her, I suppose. She is more than a little upset that we're having a "pagan" ceremony (as though we'd have a minister come marry us?) but hopefully she'll overcome. I can hope... She was harping on me again to go to church with her this past week. Its not going to happen. I told her I supported her in her faith because I know it gives her comfort, and that Ihoped she would start supporting me in mine.

Kitten and I are handmaking our wedding clothes. She's wearing a black broadcloth suit and I'll have a lovely red silk dress. We're also both wearing hooded capes. Hers red on the outside and black on the inside; mine the opposite. Hopefully I'll have pictures of our progress soon. We're making Earth Girl a white and bronze one as a gift for marrying us. I think it will be lovely.

So I'm pretty happy at the moment. I've felt that more and more lately. Its a good thing.



shorty said...

Congrats to you both.

And as far as your mother goes, it's no surprise, but the fact that she'll come is a huge step.

Is this your disney trip? I leave on the 13th. Are you going to be there too?

Alecya G said...

No suprises with my mom I agree. Yeah, this is our Disney trip. Its our honeymoon. And if you mean you leave on Friday, November 13th then yes, I will be there. I am there from the 11th of November until the 18th of november.

shorty said...

No, I meant Sept. I'm leaving this Sunday!

Alecya G said...

oh have a great time!

Aravis said...

The handfast ceremony sounds wonderful! I'm sorry that your mother has so much difficulty accepting your life, but I'm sure you'll have a beautiful day anyway.