Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You're so cute when you're frustrated

I swear I am working on bettering by 10 day average. A brief update.

June? Still not my month.

I'm getting my insurance settlement this week, and a new truck by the end of this week, hopefully, so back to blogging and having a life and more things to worry about than money and who's giving me a ride to work. [dont even ask about public transit, its not even a remote possibility]

My brother was in a car accident [its a month for those two. In the few times I've been in a car, I've seen *4* accidents other than mine. *4*] and was injured relatively badly. The circumstances were fishy [I suspect the car was stolen, I know he and his buddies were both drunk and high] so he wouldn't go to the hospital. My mom calls and leaves a message on my phone in a dead panic because she can find him when she *goes to pick him up from the crime scene* and I call her back when I get home.

I've finally lost my temper with my mom. First, she's mad at me for *never being there for her when she needs me* because I didn't tell her *I had plans* god forbid I have a life of my own, especially when she might need me to drive my brother away from a crime scene. Two, she is angry with me because I tell her its plain stupid to not take him to the police station or the hospital simply because he doesn't want to go. According to her report at the time he was in a bad way/ [afterthought, he had bruised both his kidneys, his back and had some "severe" lascerations] but she was mad for me not thinking she was being clear. Then she wants to talk about her new apartment and gets mad when I tell her I want to talk to my brother on the phone to tell him to get his stupid ass to a hospital. She hangs up on me.

My brother, long story short, tells me his friends are worth dying for, and he won't "be a snitch"

Whatever. I'm to the point of not caring anymore. Preistess points out they are adults and will choose their own paths regardless of what I think. Frthermore, none of my anger, my tears or my pleas will do any good. She's right. I am ready to wash my hands of the whole thing.

On the upside, I went horseback riding this week. I am delightfully saddlesore, but otherwise I had a brilliant time.

I am going to see Superman with a friend and Beloved on Thursday.

Oh. And I have started a new novel and in two days have already breached the 5k word mark. [yes, I am counting like nano, its an easy way to chart progress]

I hope you are all well.

I am getting around to myCD for Shuffleathon [courtesy of Swiss Toni, originated by Yoko] so if I have you, which you obviously don't know, I will be mailing out the CD as soon as I get a ride to the post office.

Love you all.



Cody Bones said...

Welcome home, I'm sending out a long-distance hug.

adem said...

What a month eh? I would have reacted exactly the same as you did regarding your brother's accident. First of all worried that he shoudl go immedietly to hospital, and also angry at him for takign such stupid risks. Yes, he is an adult, but he is acting like a child and being very selfish.

Thank god that there [I assume] were no other vehicles or persons involved. In the pub I work at I see a lot of people who drink and drive. They skulk off and get into their cars, thinking they are fine to drive. Yes, they usually get home all in one piece, but what if they knocked someone down??

Anyway... glad to see another post from you.

The Dog of Freetown said...

Hope your brother gets well soon.

I think ideally a person should somehow incorporate a horse into their daily routine. If not riding one then at least stroking one on the nose, or singing about them. When I am King...

HistoryGeek said...

Siblings can be so infuriating...ask you brother if his friends are worth years of dialysis three times a week when his kidneys fail from the damage to them that went untreated!

Sister was in an accident a few years ago...she hit the windshield of her car and was out cold for at least 10 minutes. When the EMS crew wanted to take her to the hospital, she refused. I'm going on the assumption she was drunk or high. When I called to talk to her about it she completely blew me off. RRRRRRR!

I'm glad you got to spend time with a horse, that sounds positively lovely. Let's hope that things start to look brighter.

Aravis said...

Good to see you! It sounds like you and your aunt have a good perspective. When certain members of my family start acting like this, I distance myself. Too painful and aggravating otherwise.

Have fun buying the new truck. Whoever gets your cd is a lucky person! :0)

Mark said...


your mother's an enabler. if she doesn't imbue your brother with a sense of right/wrong, and helps him avoid the consequences of being involved in crime, then she has no grounds to criticise anyone. Aiding and abetting, anyone? Your mother is ana ccessory to crime. What an example to set.

Frankly, he got off lightly. He deserves far worse, and until he sees the consequences of his actions, it won't change.

Gawd. I'm a happy camper.

shorty said...

*waves hello*

AG I don't know what to say...I'm mixed about the whole thing myself, for a various amount of personal reasons...however, glad you got your new truck and that YOUR life is getting itself in order.

We need to be better at off blog communications too : )

Anonymous said...

Oh Alecya...I'm so sorry for what you're having to go through. It sounds like you're almost a female Job at this point and you don't deserve to have that happen to you. I wish I could make things better for you. :(

Erika said...

Hey girl. Just FYI, I moved (again): burntorangerevolution.blogspot.com. It's all explained therein. Stupid Google.

Waiting patiently for your return,


Flash said...

Hey you!
Seems were as blog-absent as each other!
Oh your family have acted like very silly people over this accident, thank goodness you have the sense to see what's right,eh?