Friday, June 12, 2009

Put a Record On

Sorry about the hiatus. I have a good excuse. I promise.

I got a second job. I'm a karaoke DJ in one of the clubs downtown - its called The Speakeasy. Its a lot of fun but thenights do tend to run together. I seem to be decent at it and everyone likes me. I'm the only female DJ they've ever hired so I'm flattered about that. I'm getting the hang of things. I think. Its only week one, though, right?

In other news my boss at Casa Bueno is mad I got a second job so my hours there have been cut. It blows. I need the money otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a second job, right? *Sigh*

Oh. And Kitten's Aunt M is coming to town for a few weeks. She's staying with us. I've been cleaning like a crazy housewife but she just sent me a message saying she's getting in at 3:30 this afternoon and not 9 tonight. I'll never finish the laundry in time.

My mom called me this morning and was delighted (no, really, she sounded it) to tell me my brother Punk has been hanging out with Plush at the bar they like to go to. Apparently Plush has a new girlfriend and she was passing out pills to everyone at the bar. Great. A drug dealer. Just what he needs. Someone tell me its not my fault.

His other, very nice, girlfriend, dumped him after he showed up at my second job on my second night drunk off his ass and her in tow (I think she was designated driving for him) and tried to get me to be physically affectionate with him and tried to convince me I needed to come back to him. No nothing doing, of course, I told him if he needed to talk that my phone is never off and he can get ahold of me when I am not on the clock and trying desperately to learn how to do my new job. He sent me about twenty texts over the next two days wanting to know why this poor girl had gotten pissed and dumped him.

Tell me this isn't my fault either.

Other than that I think all is right in the world.

I lvoe my job. I love my Kitten. Yeah. Life is good.


Aravis said...

None of this is your fault. Why am I telling you this?

Because none of this is your fault!

You can't make yourself be somebody you aren't in order to make him happy. You can't make yourself love him when you don't. And that's ok. Because you're not required to do those things.

We can't love everyone who loves us, and we're not responsible for the behavior of those we don't love, no matter how much they or their friends try to blame us for it. How Plush chooses to behave is his choice and his problems. The consequences of those behaviors are his and his alone.


Enjoy your new job. It sounds like fun!

shorty said...

I second what Aravis said.

Totally not your issue at all.

That new job sounds like it could be a lot of fun, a great way to network. Don't worry about casa bueno, everything happens for a reason and this new job may open more doors for you.

Good luck.

My blog is now private, but I gave you access. I haven't updated in a bit either.