Thursday, August 04, 2005


Ahhh. The lunch hour. I don't know any working person who doesn't long for this moment. The few moments you get to break away from the tedium that is office work. Half an hour in my case. It never seems to come soon enough. Then again, I get to work at 6 in the morning, so by the time lunch rolls around I am really ready for a break. My girl will be at work just as I have finished my second hour...

What better time than lunch than to think about food (or write about it in my case)?

Living in a relatively big city, there's plenty of places to eat, but I have found the best things come in oddly packaged places. My current dining favorites include a gas station about 5 miles from my office, where you can get home made lasagna (today) chicken and noodles (fridays) and excellent meat loaf (Wednesdays). My grandfather, whom I lived with a large part of my life, was a chef, and I have come to appreciate good food in its many forms from his influences on me. My other favorite right now, a boring but quick fix, is the Subway up the road. Its not the sandwiches are better than any other place per se, but the people who work there are very nice. One girl in particular, who I love to see, is very sweet, especially after the time she gave my food to someone else and had to chase them out the door for it. I always feel like I owe her just a little bit...I don't know why.

Along with food comes the dreaded allergies, which I very much resent. I love any kind of food I can get my hands on, but am unfortuately allergic to peanuts, MSG, and any iteration of fish. I sigh in frustration every time my friends and I try to line out a restaurant to eat at, inevitably two or three palces I can't eat come up. Do people without allergies ever consider what the rest of us are missing?

I do love to cook, although its not listed in my profile. One of the best things in the world, in my opinion, is the simple joy of cooking for people that you love and sharing that meal with them. I love to entertain and having people in my home, and kitchen, always cheers me up.

Here's to good eating, friends, and the ability to eat and put food on the table!


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R.W. said...

Great post. I loved reading about food and family. Two of my favorite subjects.