Friday, August 05, 2005

In Honor of Peaches

My dogs are evil.

Not really. They're just, well, dogs. And today they got a hold of this tiny little orange and yellow kitten, which in its remaining hours I christened as Peaches. Poor little thing. Didn't stand a chance, really.

But in honor of Peaches, I want to chat about my cats. The ones that stay indoors and don't get near my evil, evil dogs.

Roxie is a grey mancoon and turtle tabby mix. She has long fur that seems to get everywhere. Heard the phrase "Sheds like a cat" ? She invented it. I swear. She really belongs to my girl, because just after we adopted her I went on a week long trip. Ever since then, she's been a bit standoffish with me. But she is a sweet cat. Roxie likes chocolate ice cream and pringles. She knows the sound of the refrigerator opening and ice cream being gotten out. She can tell if we have had it while we were out, because she comes up to us, sniffs and the shows us her butt, as if to tell us what to kiss if we didn't bring her some too. She watches my girlfriend obsessivly, and will follow her around the house when she is home. She likes two other people. My girlfriends sister, and her mom. It must be pheremones. She actively ignores everyone else.

Jack is my sweet little tuxedo cat. And he's not really very little. He's got a bit of a belly, really. I don't know hwo though, because he eats the same as Roxie does. Jack is a very good jumper and quite the cuddle bug. He always sleeps on my bed and wakes me up in the morning with "chewy kisses" by biting my cheek and then licking it, as if to say "all better now" He hates the shower, but loves the bath. When you shower her gets between the curtains and cries until you get out. Bathtime, however, he sits on the edge of the tub and purrs. Very Loudly. He has a cute string made of velvet that he carries around between his teeth, all over the house. If we ever can't find him, we can look for the string, and he'll pretty much be in that room. He's very vocal. We have a habit of saying to him "What's wrong Jack? Is Timmy in the well?" He always answers back.

Jack and Roxie do not like eachother very well. Or I should say Roxie hates Jack with a vengence, I think he must have stolen her thunder. Everytime he walks by she tosses herself on the floor and cries like she's been beaten. (We don't beat them, btw) I told her once, I was on to her. So now she does it mostly for my girl, who goes over and coos to her when she does this. Attention whore. That's what she is.

I guess that's about all for my cats, suffice to say they are quirky and I love them very much. Poor Peaches, I would have loved her too. Sleep sweet little one...


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