Thursday, April 02, 2009

Coming out of my cage

Hi again. Look at this a post two days in a row. Oh, the beauty of internet in the home.
The pics, in case you were interested, were of (respectively) Me and Kitten at a bar called Tipsy Turtle. No kidding, great name right? The second was of Kitten myself and RugbyGirl at a bar called My Place. Confusion abounds on that one. "Where you hanging out tonight AG?" "My Place" "So you aren't going out then?" Ri-ight. The third is Rouge and myself at one of the local nightclubs that allows under 21's in. Its part of my birthday party. I'll have to post some more if you like.
Incidentally, I am living with Kitten. You'll hear a lot about her. RugbyGirl is one of our friends who, suprise, plays rugby with Kitten. I'll have lots of new people to introduce you to soon, I'm sure. Oh, and neatly times suprise, Kitten was my very first girlfriend, from before I came out to anyone in my family, some nine years ago.

You know, I feel like I am coming out all over again. I have to tell my family and all of my friends who didn't know me before Plush, which is quite a few. Turns out I do know how to be friendly and charming in person, if I apply myself. Life as a bartender has been good for me. I'm more social. Its odd tot hink of all the strait people I've met over the last two or three years that associate me with only dating males, which is odd because even Plush made it a point to let people know I like girls. Maybe they tuned out. Or didn't believe me. I'm not sure. Either way, I think there's been a little suprise from some quarters. Then again, there's been none at all from others. My co-workers have apparently been waiting for all of this to happen. Alright then. You're always the last to know, right?

The pics on this post are Kitten and I out for Mardi Gras. I choose to leave my hair curly. Bad idea. The other is my friend Little Black Book. He's a hoot. and great for swapping stories with. And an excellent dancer. Even if he won;t let me lead.
Talk to you soon.

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