Sunday, March 12, 2006

Don't close your eyes

Wow. Wild wild weekend. I am keeping it short, and then a decent post tomorrow. Lots of storms in the area. Spent a long time in the closet last night during the tornado warning. Worn out! there's another watch right now, and they are saying we'll likely have more touchdown's tonight. I cant wait.

In good news, i am off tomorrow, so I am getting a break. Went home sick today. I need some rest. I'm wearing out. I forgot how tiring physical labor is.

Jack somehow got out and the dogs attacked him Friday. he's alright, just shook up more than anything, but I spent most of Friday night [read - past 10:30 pm] in the vets office with him scared to death. He's on antibiotics and some pain killers, but not really injured. Thank everything holy. I was so frightened.

I am off to sleep. I need it.

Love you all, in case I've not told you recently.


shorty said...

Take care of you and Beloved...and of course Jack too.

Glad everyone made it through ok.

LB said...

where you live, I thought you spend a long time in the closet full stop?

-L said...

You poor thing (and Jack as well)! Tornados FREAK ME OUT. I hope your weatherforecasters are wrong and the storms heading your way weaken before doing any serious damage. *hugs*

Aravis said...

I hope you've gotten through the storms safely, and that Jack's better soon!

HistoryGeek said...

Love you too, sweetie!

Why are you getting twisters now?! It's still winter! Although, I suppose you got the front that dumped a wicked thunderstorm on us this weekend. We hardly ever have thunder and lightening...or hail. But we had it all this weekend (mostly Friday).

I'm glad to hear that Jack is mostly unscathed.

Alecya G said...

I know, Spinny, its wild. But we've been having spring weather for at least a month now, and I think its a pretty good indicator we're in for a rough tornado season, I really do [hooray] I can't wait to see what april and may bring, to tell you the truth. We made it through the winter with no snow storms, no ice storms, nothing. Mother nature will punish us for it. Its how this works.

Oh, and I do think its the storm you got. We're supposed to get *snow* tonight as a result of the cold front that followed your storm. Yippee. It was 80 here yesterday.

Leah, I forgot, you've been in the midwest haven't you? So you understand why I hate them so. I mean, I understand, on a basic level why people on the coast hate hurricaines, but I dont *understand* I feel that way about a tornado. You can't appreciate, really, the fear you feel, and the helplessness, unless you've been there. I've seen more than my fair share. It wears me out.

Thanks ot everone else, of ourse. I love you all.