Thursday, March 02, 2006

We can have a few decent days and nights

I have a job. A new one. A Sure one. At a restaurant waitressing. Not very glamourous, but its a job. They'll work with my school schedule. And I will get to meet people and be around people and be friendly. It might be good for me.

Yesterday was a fine day. I got a job, of course. I also got to spend a decent time online decompressing and talking to people. I gave a tarot reading for someone. [incidentally, Spins, I have a question for you - how do you deal with a bad reading? I hate giving bad news] I also had lunch with a friend. While I was at lunch with my friend a guy came over and asked me if my tattoos were runes. He actually recognized them. He showed me he had as tattoo of the runic alphabet in a band around his arm. He was older, probably in his fifties, and it was neat to see someone like me...I don't know. It was just neat.

It was a beautiful day. Almost 80 degrees, which is unheard of in the midwest in February. The breeze was lovely. I wore a beautiful sundress my aunt R had given me, its turquiose blue with red and gold and pink flower/peacocks on it. It sounds garish, but its really very lovely. She has great taste. It cuts diagonally along the botton and has a couple ruffles. Its nearly all sheer. I felt like a spring goddess. It was nice.

I am having lunch with Mystery again today. I am looking forward to it. She's been ill and we haven't been able to hang out as much. [Plus, the darling girl has a life] But it will be nice. Its supposed to be warm again today. I might indulge in a walk around a park or something. We have a couple beautiful parks here. I might even go to one with a lake and pester the ducks. I love ducks.

I'm an 'effing little beam of sunshine today.

Sending you all lots and lots of love.


shorty said...

Beam me up!

Jenni said...

Congratulations on the job! I found a job that will work into my school schedule this week too, so maybe something is in the air?

HistoryGeek said...

The sun really has come out for you, hasn't it!

As for the readings...when something comes up that seems negative, I like to frame it as a "challenge" (a very social-worky reframing). I also like to point out that the flip side of any negative...Like the Tower card. It's chaos and destruction, it's radical change. But in those radical changes are going to be opportunities. With Death, it is the pathway into rebirth. Sometimes it's a little difficult to reframe some of the cards (like the Swords cards - that's all conflict and sadness it seems), but trying to put it into the context of the other cards is important too.

Hope that's helpful.

Aravis said...

Congratulations on the new job, alecya! I write this while looking out my window as billions of snowflakes go by. The warmest it's been here lately is around 20 degrees. I can't tell you how jealous I am right now of your weather and your lovely sundress!

Alecya G said...

Oh, Aravis, you are adorable! I'd gladly share my sunshine with you.

Pokes Shorty - Heya sweet thing! I'll bring you along too, eh?

And thank you, Jenni and Spins. *sighs Happily*

Its a nice day, isnt it?

adem said...

I'm glad you've got another job now. We all need money don't we?

I know jobs like barwork and restaurant work can be hardwork at times and don't pay well but you can meet some really interesting people at times.

Enjoy the sunshine babe. [ it was sunny and snowing today...weird eh?]

Anonymous said...

That's great news. Congratulations. Lets hope you can hold on to yours longer than I did mine.

I'm curious as to what a reading for me would reveal. E-mail me and we'll discuss. x