Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Send me your pillow

Look! its another post. And within a day! Its frightening, almost.

Ladies [and gents, if you'll admit to having a hormonal time] do you find that you have more dreams, or more vivid dreams, when your hormones are more active? And I dont simply mean dreams like the type I post over at TSR, but just odd dreams. I've been having a lot lately, and its odd to have so many, so frequently. I have always been a dreamer, but I havent ever had several in a night, in quick succession, or ones so vivid. Its strange to me. I know there's a lot going on for me, and that might be part of it. I t also might be I am spending more time doing the "spiritual" things I have lain off of for a while. Or it may just be hormones.

But I have found myself wanting to stay in bed, to hit the snooze one more time so I can finish a dream, get a little further. Its been so long sonce I've done that.

I know some of you aren't heavy dreamers, some I am unsure of. How do you cope with them? Do you try to interpret them [Mystic, Spinny?] I've tried to quit asking. Sometimes its better not to know the answers. Especially as unsettling as my dreams can be.

I'll be back tomorrow, I promise. And I'll look forward to hearing what you all think.


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Aravis said...

I have very vivid dreams, often lucid. They don't seem to be tied to my hormones so much as emotions in general. For example, when I'm really stressed I dream of rats. This led to the birth of my rat phobia in waking life.

As far as interpreting my dreams goes, sometimes the meaning is obvious to me. Other times I haven't got a clue no matter how hard I look at it.

Sorry, I don't know that this info helps much.