Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another very boring post

I got the ani tickets in the mail today. Yay!

Its supposed to storm again tonight. Not nearly so exciting. Or may, more exciting than I liked.

I am terribly afraid my life has become a boring mix of non stop work and sleep. And thinking of nothing but food lately has done nothing for my conversational abilities.

I was pleased to look at the lists everyone gave me. There are a few I am certainly going to check out.

It looks like everyone else is busy, though. I feel like a bad blogger, not keeping up. And an eve4n worse one for not having anything interesting to say.

I met with my school advisor yesterday and we discussed my degree options and where I could get jobs after I finish my post graduate work depending on the post grad degree I select. I think I got some wonderful input.

Being a novelist wont ever be in the cards, I dont think. But I dont think I would mind technical writing a bit. Its not difficult, but its writing. I'd love a lit degree, and a professorship in that, but my advisor mentioned that for every lit prof opening there's some 200 applicants at most colleges. They scoured for 8 potential tech writing professors when they were looking to expand the department. It'll be a good feild to break into. And there's not much of a glass ceiling either, which is great, because there seems to be one in about every other industry I've worked in. [excepting food service, of course]

Its so rare anyone works their dream job. I'd be interested to hear what you *really* would do if you had the time. Do you like your job? Would you rather be a rock star? A writer for Rolling Stone? A sanatation engineer? You tell me. What would you do.

Incidentally, to prevent my downward spiral into boredom, does anyone want to suggest somethng for me to write about, discuss or otherwise debate with them? I'm dry, and there's not a chance I'll touch music, there's two or three of you out there that have me whipped all the way around.


Anonymous said...

At least you have a life worth living. I'd trade mine for yours in a heartbeat.

Cody Bones said...

Actually it's ironic, If I won the lottery, I would go back to school, like you. Go figure

Anonymous said...

Top three jobs;
1. Writer
2. Designer
3. Teacher
The nice thing is that I can do the first two while I do the third. Never say never.

I think you should talk about your fondest memory.

Aravis said...

What you think is boring may well be interesting to us. I've yet to feel bored here. :0)

I think ideally I'd like to be a photographer for National Geographic, but I'm nowhere near good enough for that. But a travel photographer or photojournalist would be a lovely career if steady income wasn't necessary. Instead, I've chosen to return to school and become a social worker.

If there was a doorway that led to any alternate reality, what would your alternative destination be like?

HistoryGeek said...

Wow, Aravis, a social worker! That's fabulous...I think you'll do very well.

Right now I'm pretty convinced that I would want to be independently wealthy and spend my life traveling around visiting bloggers. What do you mean that's not realistic?!

I, like phil, would love to hear a fond memory....

-L said...

Maybe you pursue being a novelist as a passionate hobby rather than a full-blown career from the get-go? And I reckon that you can take lit courses the rest of your live long days if you want. I have been asking myself those same sorts of questions...Maybe if such and such isn't a great career opportunity, how else can I fit this passion into my life, you know? I am struggling with the same issues, I think. My desired choices (based on my talents & interests) have very small job fields or are barely profitable. Kinda frustrating!

If I could do anything, I would...own a bookstore, study Russian and international politics, research & write feature stories on Olympic athletes (and other inspiring folk), and join Miss Aravis at National Geographic. :) Oh yes, and be a sports psychologist. :)

Something to blog about: write about one of the most memorable compliments you have ever received.

shorty said...

subject matter: What favorite outdoor game did you play w/ friends. ie. tag, football

I miss ya!

shorty said...

I guess I should have added, when you were a kid

Anonymous said...

I think that we need to start a new category in school and university. We need sex teachers. I am not talking about the piddly types of sex classes they have their now.

I am talking about teaching the men how to give a woman real pleasure. Like the real technical aspects of it. Where to touch her, how to touch her, how gentle or firm to be, etc, etc,

Once we have this in place then perhaps you could apply for a job.

Flash said...

Well I thought I was gonna say rock star but it seems Mr. Mystic needs some staff for his new incentive. That'll do for me.

Charby said...

I've always wanted to work with animals and its something I've been working towards since I was little.
If we're dreaming, I'd quite like to be a presenter on one of those wildlife TV shows!

The Dog of Freetown said...

Musician. If I didn't keep getting sidelined by all these petty issues, such as eating and earning a living, I'd have written a ground breaking album by now.

I'd very much like you to describe one of your dreams. But that's just me.

Hyde said...

Alecya, where are you???


-L said...

Hi Alecya,
Saw this and thought of ya. Look at #13! :)