Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I am caught like bottled water

I am going to preface this with fair warning that this review is obviously biased. Anyone who has read my blog for any amount of time knows that I love Ani. If your unfortunate enough to have received one of my terrible mix CD's you've heard her for yourself [or maybe, just maybe, you listen to her anyway, because you're cool like that.] That said, I'm going to talk about the concert in more detail.

As far as concerts go, it was good. The opening act was decent, funny, witty, and all in all every thing a good folk act should be. he was politcal, he was loud, he was enjoyable. The wait in between sets was annoying, because there were some technical difficulties. The venue was small, I stood all night, the drinks werent cheap. There were a load of jerks in the back who talked quite loudly through the show and it pissed me off no one shut them up.

That said, watching Ani live is honestly, I think, one of the most amazing moments in my life. Imagine, if you can, seeing the person you most admire, but have never had the chance to meet, up close and more personal than you could have ever hoped. Breathtaking.

Ani is rage. She is beauty. She is heartbreak. She is love. Watching her preform gave me a completely different perspective on her music. It was like watching god create light. You can imagine it. You can think of it. You can hear it in your head, recorded, retold - but being there, that is something completely different. Her music, her voice, her moods - they move through you, in you in a way that recordings [even live ones] can never express. The way she moved when she played, her expressions, her talking, the looks on her face when somethign went wrong, or right, the way she laughed...all of those things moved me in ways I didnt know I could be moved. She inspires me to change, she inspires me to protect, she inspires me to love.

Shall I say she played my favorite songs? She did. Shall I say when she *read out of a book* while she stretched her tendons that I was captivated? I was. Shall I say she moved me to tears? I cried. Does it matter that it was crowded,that people are rude and beer expensive? Not to me. What matters to me is that I changed from when I went in, and the music that has been the soundtrack of my existence since I was 18 has taken on more meaning, more life, than ever before.

concert - 8/10
life moment - 10


HistoryGeek said...

That rocks!

I agree with you about seeing someone live - and, I think, in a smaller venue. When Amy Ray did her solo tour, I saw her perform at a small venue in SF. It was so amazing to watch and listen to her so closely.

I imagine with Ani it was even more intense, since her music is so visceral.

Yay for you!

Aravis said...

I loved reading your impassioned review. You came to life through your words and I could almost see your gestures and the rapt look on your face. Wonderful!

Flash said...

You can't beat live music, eh?

-L said...

Your description was absolutely beautiful! I'm intrigued...

It's such a great feeling after a really intense experience, that floating on a cloud, energized and feel every breath sort of feeling!