Sunday, April 23, 2006

Keep you're eye on that one- anticipate.

This time tomorrow night I'll be at the concert. I cant wait.

Alright. Question the next, sports I enjoyed playng when I was younger.

Honestly, I didnt. a few reasons. First, I had asthma badly, so Physical Education class was torture for me. I was terrible at running, playing, etc, and I developed a phobia of sports. Once I got over it, as I got to my tweens and teens I didnt play sports because I was told by my parents it wasnt "ladylike". I was encouraged to play an instrument, take ballet, be a cheerleader, anything but play sports.

I did take ballet. Its very intense work and I loved it. I also learned to play 3 instruments proficiently. {Violin, piano and flute for those couting - I am also slightly proficinent in percussion, guitar and most brass instruments, reed instruments give me hell] I was a cheerleader for one terrible year, during which I ruined my ankle and had to quit dancing. No fun, at all. I also sang [opera and otherwise], did drama [I was the narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat] and joined the debate team.

I was, in essence, a geek.

Now that I am an adult and play sports for fun? I love softball. I cant get enough of it. And it turns out I am a decent catcher and a pretty good hitter. :) I go watch tournaments in the summer and this summer will be the first in quite a few years I wont be playing on a team. I also like tennis, though I am terrible at it. I love to swim. Once you get me in the water its hard to get me out. If you count cycling as a sport, I like that too. I bought a new bike last summer. Still, softball has a special place in my heart.

Correct me if I am wrong, I think Kieran's was up next, what I've been dreaming of, or writing about my dreams, so maybe I'll get to that soon. I've had a lot of dreams lately. My minds been going a mile a minute at night, so I suppose that contributes. Of course, I've been a little more, erm, "spiritually" active, and that makes things a little more intense as well.

Thanks to everyone for the advice about my brother. Any is appreciated, and it means a lot to know you guys care. Having been there myself, I know you have to want to change. It still makes it no less sad, I suppose. I appreciate everyone's input. In other weird news, Preacher Man's parents were in the restaurant today. I suppose its inevitable. I spent the half hour they were there and I had spotted them hiding. *sigh* Looking at them makes me sick to my stomach with memories. I dont hate many people, but they're on my list.

On the upside, I get to go to a concert tomorrow. Hotel booked, directions printed, tickets ready. Now, to pack.

You can keep posting questions, incedentally, this is nice, to share with you and have something to look forward to writing. I'll be gone until Tuesday, so until then, take care.

Lots of Love-


Aravis said...

Enjoy the concert! It's so awesome that you're going. Relax, have fun and tell us all about it when you get back! :0)

Flash said...

Yup, enjoy the gig!

-L said...

I am envious of your musical talents, Alecya! I wish I could play just one instrument!

I do, however, play softball. Ahhh...I have been dying to get outside and find someone to throw around with! I played centerfield mostly and was good at bunting and stealing. My hitting was too inconsistent to be very good though. :/ Are you a chatty catcher? :)

HistoryGeek said...

Hey, I played the flute in grade school and jr high. I loved it.

Have a wonderful time with Ani!

adem said...

WOW! You did loads of stuff at school!!!! Not a geek though.

I hope the gig went well.