Thursday, December 07, 2006

I like to watch the puddles gather rain

Hello again all. At the computer lab again pretending to do school work and putting off the inevitable...or trying to at least. I've just come from acing a test I thought would be a lot harder. so I am in very good spirits for that at least.

Doc [may I call you that, my dear?] I have been eating, I have [and thanks for your concern flashy....] I just have a terribly high metabolism and I'm afraid I went from no exercise to walking nearly 25 miles a day at work, plus school, and I've been craving healthy foods lately, I'm afraid, that and protein and carbs, so I'm not really able to gorge on doughnuts and such like I used to...ack, too skinny, I suppose. And Flash, for the record, those pics are deceiving, of course I am not going to post anything that makes me look fat. Of course not. I'm a woman aren't I?

I finally finished purchasing Rogue's emu, I am buying Beloved's emu when I go to Kuwait and I am getting ready to purchase said emus for my family jsut now, although I have no idea what I am going to get them. Its like two days before christmas for me, and I feel like I'm not quite going to catch up. Actually, I'm pretty sure of it.

Presitess called this morning and wanted Belvoed and I to come over and bake cookies this weekend, I think we might, and I'll get to see Lovey, and I miss her. She left me a hilarious message on my answering machine the other day and I really have been meaning to call her.

In other news, I am earworming like crazy, and I hate to steal ST's thunder but I thought I might share what I've had stuck in my head for the last few days. Someo f you [like LB i suspect] are going to laugh, I shamelessly admit my taste in music is changing since I've been hanging out with Rogue, because I have a lot of her music in my MP3 and CD player. This week there's been a lot of T-Pain [whom you really ought check out, if only for his gorgeous voice, for a rapper, he's not too bad a singer, you know.] Mostly "I'm Sprung" and "Como Estas". I've also had Hinder's new release runnign through my head its called "How Long" and I liked that one on my own, I'd like to say for the record. I also watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion show on TV [of course I did] and so I have had Justin Timberlake's "Lovestoned" going nuts too.

Yep, its frightening the stuff I listen to now. Although I 'd like to be pleased I've managed to leave the Nelly Furtado CD out of my player for a good few weeks now. Good for me, right.

Oh. Pretties. [not my favorite model btw, but who doesnt like pretties?]

I sure like them.

Anyway. I thought I might also provide a breif list of the names of people who I frequently [or not so frequently] write about since I've got some new faces hanging around.

Beloved is my girlfriend of 5 years. Fabulous girl. If you go looking you might even find a few pictures of us hanging around.

Rogue is my best friend, who happens to be a few years [okay a lot] younger than me, but seems to know me better thananyone I've ever met, short the lady above. The moniker is derived from her hair, which is long and black short a very long blonde strak running down the side of herright temple, a la a certain Xmen character.

Lovey is my oldest cousin who goes to school with Rogue and is the coolest kid you'll ever meet.

Preistess is Lovey's mom. My only aunt who doesn't make me nuts. So called because she is sort of a native american shaman type, and the only other mystic in my family. We're both terrible black sheep for it, I assure you.

Punk is my younger brother [ 1 and a half years younger, for those couting] who always seems to be in trouble of some sort. As a side note, he's both moved out and oved back in since I started posting again. Moved in with my mother that is. If ever there was a mama's boy....

Flower is my general manager at work, so called because her name is the same as a flower.

Pet My Hair is my associate manager at work, an entertaining person, short the fact that she is convinced that Rogue is madly in love with me and terribly confused about her sexual identity and that one day we're both going to realize it. Rogue and I disagree of course. Pet my hair gets her moniker from how she destresses when she's at work. The waitresses play with her hair. Creepy, I know.

Shrugs, another person who likely disagrees with Pet My Hair, is Rogue's boyfriend. he is so called because seriously, he never talks. You could mistake him for a mute if you didn't know anybetter. When he wants to express something he shrugs, and believe me there's a different chrug for every mood. There's even an "I love you shrug". I've seen it.

Right, well there's the update on me and mine. If I left anyone out feel free to ask. Feel free to ask anything anyway. I've been fairly mundane lately. If my life were as boring as my blog has become I would have more time to blog.

Love you all


Flash said...

Thanks for the reassurance!

Anonymous said...

Of course you can call me Doc, a few people do.
As long as you're healthy and eating well then I wouldn't worry too much about losing some weight.

qqqqqqqqq said...

I'm glad you aced your test and thank you for introducing everyone.

I'm glad you're doing so well.


swisslet said...

isn't it about time you did earworms for me again soon? I miss you!