Monday, December 04, 2006

I think about my fear of motion

Good Lord. I'm leaving inthe 13th, thats less than 10 days from now. And I am petrified. I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never been on a plane. I have never been out of the country. Goodness. I am all wound up about it. Any flight tips would be lovely, my friends. Any at all. And anyone in the US who has travelled post 9-11 and wants to give me a few travel tips or regulation problems you might have run into...even better.

ATTENTION ALL NEW YORK BLOGGERS - (theres one in specific, darling, if you're still around....) I'll be spending the night in New York on the 23rd of December...just sayin'....

Right, back to business. I'm petrified. I've never been out of the country, I am going to the middle east. All my bravado is fading and I'm just a bit edgy. I mean, I dont think I am going to get hotel bombed or anything like that...but...did you know there's on average at least 1 fatality on Kuwait roads a day? That's a lot. Especially when you consider how small the country is. And my fish allergy...I mean, its on the sea, right? And they don't eat pork. I guess I should be thanksful its a dry coutry...I'd drink myself into oblivion from nerves...although I might have one on the plane. And then there's the money. The Kuwaiti dinar is 3x's as strong as the US dollar. More than that...its #.5 us to 1 of theirs. Ack!

On top of that, I'll be gone right up until Chrsitmas. I've never been this far from Belvoed for so long, and I'm going to miss her. And international calls are expensive. I'm sticking to email. And, as pathetic as it might sound to lump them together, I'm going to miss Rogue too. I've never gone more than 2 or 3 days without seeing her, let alone the 12 hour phone call joke that really, well, its not so much a joke... Gods, and I dont even know the people I'm going with really. There's one guy, Looks like Sam, that is really nice, and nearly as shy as I am. And he speaks Arabic. And he just got into Grad school. HEs nice...the others? I'm not so sure....(incidentally, he looks like I guy I knew in high school called -you got it- Sam)

Ugh. And I still dont have all my vaccinations. I've got Polio left and that's tomorrow. Then I'll be all finsihed and if my tattoos didnt cure my fear of needles all these vaccinations surely must...

Right. On to other worries (you didnt think because I've been gone I have less, did you?)

Worry one, I've asked off for an extra day of the week for nearly 3 months now and my work wont give it to me. I'm so stressed I cant think. If things dont change...I dont know what I'll d because I am so tired of the knock down drag outs I have with beloved over my job.

Worry two, I found a lump. Ladies, you know what I am talking about. And it looks like its not one of those "stress and caffine" induced ones either. ITs about the size of a walnut. Great, right? So when I come back I get to worry about that. Actually, its going to wait until I turn 25 (less than a month and counting kids) because I want to have a happy brithday.

Other things to think about, and I dont know if I posted this or not, I watched Rogue play basketball (dang, is there anything she's not good at?) and I think I actually like the sport. I am looking forward to another game. She turns 18 in a week or so, and I am looking forward to giving her the emu I boughten for her. (I'm not sure if she's figured out how to get here yet, shes a smart girl, and I am not sure if she's tried to or not...anyone who has my email get the picture)

Beloved had her birthday last week and she liked the gifts I bought her, including a cult hit tv show called Forever Knight about a vampire homicide detective...its not too bad actually.

And since we mentioned the big 2-5, I've got to plan for my newest tattoo, since, yuou know, its tradition and all of that.

In school news, I am finally registered for my spring classes, I am taking a second graduate level class this semester with my PLS 101 prof and its on international violence and terrorism, I think its will be good. I think my grades arent going to be what I want them to be. I know I wont be getting an A in French, but as long as I pass I am happy. I've decided to go back to german in a few years and then maybe tackle arabic in Grad school. All my other classes should be high b's or A's so I am content. No 4.0 but I can live. I had a 4.0 until about two weeks ago, so that's not too bad....

And thats life.

How are you all?



Anonymous said...

What a great trip, I can't wait to hear about it. Have you checked with your cellular provider to see if you can get international service for a month? I do that every time I go overseas, all they do is give you a new chip for the phone, and the price was really reasonable, especially if you like to text. Good luck, and keep us informed.

Hyde said...

Wow. You sound busy and full of life and wonderful. I'm really excited for you. So, you've never been on a plane? What a way to make your virgin trip!

And, if I'm the New Yorker you're talking about, I will likely be around. Send me an email and I'll send you my cell number... Maybe we can finally get around to singing that Tosca.



Aravis said...

Regarding the lump: it may well just be a cyst or a lipoma- a lump comprised of benign fat cells. My fingers are crossed and I'm thinking of you.

As for your trip- it sounds exciting!

Gum for the plane to help with the ear-popping. You'll have to take your shoes off while going through security, so make sure you're wearing clean socks. *G* No sharp objects. You're allowed to bring water on now, but only in one of those pony-sized plastic bottles I think. They've been changing the rules about carry-on, so you might want to check into that more. Another little trick: bring a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage. Hopefully your luggage won't get lost, but this way if it does you have something to wear if they can't get your bag to you the same day.

Make sure you have plenty of cash on you during the flight for snacks. And if you drink, limit yourself. Alcohol effects you much more strongly in flight because of the thinner air or something like that. You might feel ok in the air, but there'll be hell to pay once you land...

Alright, that's enough out of me. I can't wait to read all about your trip. Have an excellent time!

Oh, and happy birthday to Beloved. :0)

LB said...

don't go on the Kuwaiti roads. There's some advice....

Mark said...

hello! miss chatting with you. you will do fine out there, I know it.

Doctor Pauls said...

Hey Alecya,
I've discovered your blog via Swiss Toni's and only just started reading but thought I say hello.
Don't get too alarmed by the prospect of going to Kuwait for a couple of weeks. I lived in Qatar until I was 11 which had (at the time) similar laws and attitudes towards Westerners, and I loved living there. I intend to take a trip to a few countries in the Middle East in a year or two so I can how much everything has changed.
It'll be an amazing place to go for your first trip out of the country, enjoy it!

adem said...

You sound really busy!!

Everything sounds like it's going well (get that lump checked!!), and I hope you have a really good time there.