Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well, I passed the 10,00 mark this afternoon. I am very excited.

As promised, Sunshine, I will email it to you tonight, one I get it condensed into one attachment. I have WordPerfect, though, so I don't know if I need to send it in rich text format or not. Let me know.

Went to the write in last night. It was fun. I didn't get hardly anything done there last night. But I did have a good time. Our ML, Mystery, was wearing a really loud t-shirt sent to her form NaNo. I loved it.

There were a ton of people there, a lot more than we had previuously. So that's really cool.

I ended up not going to the movie. Everyone bailed, and I left early to go catch Beloved, who was going to meet me at the movie theater. But neither of us could find it. I ended up running in to her at a stoplight downtown after about 20 minutes.

Everyone in my group is zooming by. I feel almost slow. Although I think I am the first to break 10,000. Still. Most every one is right behind me.

I rea an excerpt from Mystery's novel on her profile, and it makes me feel like a terrible writer. I am a terrible writer. But I love to do it, and that's what is importnant right? Well, maybe I am not terrible, as much as you can't compare the styles of a Madcap Murder Mystery to a Lit Fiction peice, can you. I wish I could write humor, but I can't.

Anyway. I am going to run off and try tofocus on work.


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HistoryGeek said...

Wow! You really must speed type. Actually, part of my slowness is brain scramble.