Friday, November 18, 2005

Potter 4

Beloved and I going to see the opening of HP 4 and the GOF tonight at our local mega movie plex. We are going with Mystery and Charlie Brown. I am looking forward to it very much. I even took off work an hour early to go getin line. We have advance tix, but the girl at the counter said that I shold get in line for the 7:30 show no later than 5:30 or I won't get a decent seat. Freaky.

I think we are going to go get snacks afterwards too.

I am hoping the movie is good. I am a very big Potter fan, in fact, Beloved was teasing me about my waning devotion when I mentioned I hadn't blogged about it before. I do own all the books and movies, a calendar, a t-shirt (which I have outgrown) a lighting shaped pen, a stuffed headwig, a Quidditch Harry action figure and all the movie soundtracks. It is also the first PG-13 potter, which I am hoping means less 5 year olds in th audience, then again, I am also hoping with a 7:30 show we might have less anyway.

While I am waiting, I also hope to get a shot at Dance Dance Revolution, which I have never played and all my geeky friends have, so I need to.

In other worries, and speaking of geeky friends, I have received an invite for me and "spouse or date" to the company Christmas party (guess who works in the closet?) and need to find a date. I am thinking of 'Froboy, who is Beloved's oldest cousin, only a couple years younger than myself. We hang out a lot anyway (he and I would defiantely be pals outside Beloved and I's relationship, in fact, he is a part of the side of the fmaily she is estranged from) and I think he would do me the favor. Its a free steak dinner, trip to the bar and a couple of pool games.

But I hate having to worry about this kind of crap.

Wishing I could have 'Froboy along with us tonight buy he is busy working at his giant chain restaurant from hell job so he can have money for stuff other than school books (he's prelaw) He did promise to teach me dance dance and beatmania, so I am hoping to impress him if I get a little practice in tonight.

Well, friends, I am off for a night of magic. See you a la moring.



HistoryGeek said...

I think this is the second blog this week that I've seen Dance Dance Mania mentioned.

I hear the movie is pretty good. Enjoy!

LB said...

I just don't understand the whole Harry Potter thing. I really don't.

bonkers silly wizardy oddness.

ho hum.

sunshine said...

Sucks you have to "work in the closet" Must get stuffy : )

Alecya G said...

I loved potter, it was great.

And it is sad to be in teh closet, but I do like my job, and am lucky to make as much as I do without a degree.

Its not as old fashioned as the architecture office I worked in where women were required to wer skirts and casual friday was dres sslacks. the dress code actually said "makeup encouraged".

And fake dates do suck, but Froboy is Beloved's cousin (how weird is that?) and I totally adore him. We get along fantastically. I've been meaning to spend time with him anywho.

Lord B - have you read the books? I used to be a total sceptic too...

Flash said...

I thought HP4 was great, the best of the movies so far.

I'll gladly be your date, assuming you'll cover my expenses!!

Alecya G said...

Aren't you sweet Flash!

If I could, I would send for you strait away. Aren't you adorable. *blushes*

Charby said...

I have the Harry Mouse mat and matching mouse and get laughed at for carrying around a hogwarts wallet!
Have you seen the special charity books about the history of quidditch and a schoolbook on magical creatures? I have those, they're great!