Wednesday, November 16, 2005

shoes and ships and sealing wax

Well, I made it. I actually more than made it. Right now I am at 64K and I have a few chapters left. I am very proud of myself. I uploaded it, and when I saw the count, I almost threw myself in the floor laughing with joy. I called Mystery and she laughed too. Its nice to have someone to be happy with. Beloved smiled and congratulated me, but I think it is hard for her to understand.

Going to dinner with Mystery tonight. I am looking forward to it very much.

It finally got really cold here. Went from 50's to 27 this morning. About time too. I like warm weather and all, but in November, 70 degree weather freaks me out. I want to get out my sweaters and all that.

Oooh. Speaking of warm stuff, Mystery is teaching me to crochet in exchange for me teaching her to make soap and bath salts. (if you would like the recipe, let me know, and I will be happy to give them to you.) I am looknig forward to making a scarf for myself and Beloved. And maybe a stocking hat.

Need to get on Christmas shopping, and worse, Beloved's birthday is at the end of the month, and I never know what to get her. Plus, in an attempt to make us be more thoughtful and creative, we put a $25 limit on birthday gifts. This makes me nuts. She also told me no more DVD's. So I am totally lost for something she would like to have that isn't a "need it" type thing like socks or a new work shirt.

My Grandmother called and told me the date of our family Christmas party for this year. Thank goodness it is a my Aunt J's house this year. Last year they had it in a community center and had it catered, which I am not into at all. I got sick, and didn't go, and Grandma made a point of telling me that this year I need to come sick or not, I only have to stay for an hour.

She manages to make me feel so guilty some times. She is always after me to spend more time with my mom and call her more often and all that. She used to drop by unanounced at my house and lecture me, but when I quit answering the door, she got the point, I think. I remember one time our answering machine broke just after I had a huge row with my mom, and she wrote this big long note about my responsibilities as her child and how I can't just disconnect my answering machine and ingore my family and stuffed it in to my door jamb.

But I love her. And she always invites Beloved, which is nice.

*sigh* why do I dred Christmas anymore. I really used to like it. Well, Thanksgiving and Beloved's birthday first, I suppose. Then the other things.


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I'll post it in a bit

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Clever post....You can't change the thoughts of caterpillar shoes users...