Tuesday, November 15, 2005

*happy sigh*

I took the weekend off, can you tell? :)

I had a fantastic time with Beloved.

We woke up early and drove across town to our favorite donut shop and got donuts.

Then we went to the local firehouse and painted pottery for each other as an anniversary gift.

Afterwards, we went shopping for movies (we bought Troy and the 2nd season of th eL Word) and went to eat at our favorite Italian Restauant.

We spent the evening watching movies at home. It was lovely.

The only kink in the evening was teh tornado warning we got right around 9:00 or so. That sucked. We spent about an hour in the hall closet with our cats. Cozy.

In other news, I am going to see HP4 the movie this weekend, and am very excited. Belived and I are going with Mystery and her boyfriend Charlie Brown. Beloved hasn't met them yet, but I am sure she will love them. I am really excited about both the movie and having new friends. I was getting a little lonely for a while. Beloved seems glad I get out of the house now and then.

I am trying to finish my novel, but am stalled in the 40's. I figure a few days hard work and I will make it. I just have to apply myself, which I haven't been doing.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I think Beloved is dreading it. Its a story Idon't have tiefor, but she's estranged from her dad's side of the family for doing something that made them angry. I think it was something she needed to do, and I was proud of her for it. Nevertheless. She is spending her first thanksgiving without them, and it will be hard for her. We are going to her mom's to eat, and I think I am making pies and some other boring foods. It makes me nervous. I have never made my own pie crust before.

I am planning on getting to a line by line on Mystic's meme on my next entry. So they should be more interesting from here out. I am boring even myself. But this is what's on my mind lately. *snore*



sunshine said...

If you can sew a Halloween costume in 3 days, you can make your own pie crust.

Glad you had a cozy weekend with your Beloved.

Glad you see you are well. I'll be back in the posting business myself in the next few days !

P.S. Still haven't had a chance to read your novel : (((

Alecya G said...

That's okay. Wait until the endo f the onth and I can just mail you a cd form of it. Hee.

Good to see you around. I've been missin' ya.