Wednesday, November 23, 2005

*hangs head in shame*

I've been a bad blogger. I will catch up this weekend, since Iam going to have time on my hands. An update if you will:

1. I am over 80K which thrills me, I am not finished with my story, which does not
2. Potter 4 was levely. We had a nice itme, and I think Beloved likes Mystery and Charlie Brown very well, so hooray for me finding people I love that Beloved likes too
3. I am stressed for Thanksgiving, but it'll be over in a day
4. Froboy is going with me to said party, said he would be *honored* which almost made me blush, and I am adorig him more than ever, and feel quite lucky he calls me family.
5. I am happier than ever to be a bleeding heart liberal, and will blog on this more later. Suffice to say, there was a conservative that set me off and i want to freak out, but son't to prevent being called the left wing crazy I am.
6. Added some new links, 'cause I love Red and Swiss Toni as much as everyone else, and as I pointed out on Toni's blog, I was sick of having to link to other sites to get to his.

Love you all, happy thanksgiving americans, happy middle of the week to the rest of you


red one said...

Thanks for the link - I'm well chuffed.

(translates: very pleased)

And I'm waiting to hear your full declaration of bleeding heart liberal happiness. Left wing crazy is the only way to be, you know.


red one said...

Wait. You mean 80k of novel words?

*speechless in admiration*


Alecya G said...

Thank you darlings :)

Glad to add you to the list, red.

And teh novel, eh, I am feeling unmotivated now, but I want to hit 100k just to say I did it. Especially because there are certain people in our group who expect me to, and i hate to disappoint. ;)

HistoryGeek said...

Congrats on the word wonder you haven't been blogging.

LB said...

happy Thanksgiving AG, you wordy and prolific legend, you.

swisslet said...

Thanks for the link AG - I'm not worth etc.

By way of welcoming you to my blog, how do you fancy being my Guest Earworm Editor next Friday? You know, this is where you write a list of the ten songs that have been in your head over the last 7 days, together with a little story about each, and send them to me to be published. Could be anything: the last song you heard in the car, and advert jingle, a mobile phone ring.. anything... as long as it lodged in your head.

Please say you'll play - can you drop me an email on the address off my profile??



Flash said...

happy thanksgiving to you Alecya!