Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The waitress feilds the weight of her tray around her palm

I am afraid I have been more than a little boring lately, and I am going to be boring again today. For a moment at least.

I love my new job. Its amazing. I like the people. I like the atmosphere. And I am remembering a lot better than I thought I would. Two days in and I can already see myself becoming "one of the family". The other people are nice to me, stop me to show me things when I am looking for somthing or when there is something new or interesting to be done. Its great. I am quite a happy girl over that. My boss[es] are nice too.

*smiles* I almost feel guilty for it.


Aravis said...

Not boring at all! I'm so happy for you. It's hard to find work that you don't mind going in to do. You're lucky, and I'm glad. :0)

HistoryGeek said...

I'm so glad it's working out!

-L said...

That's EXCELLENT news!!!

There's nothing better than a happy, friendly waitress. =)