Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm Alright, I'm alright

I prmise. I hope I didnt get you worried, Hyde. I'm fine. I promise. Just a lot busier than I want to be. I get so tired when I am off work I dont want anything but a long bath and a nap. Sad, isnt it?

Alright. I had a lot of great suggestions. I'll try to tackle one at a time, and I'll try to go in order, although there's not promise on that.

I have a lot of fond memories. I suppose I never write about them, but I do. There are two that stand out. One from childhood and one from now.

When I was a little girl my grandfather would sit onhis front porch and talk to me. Sometimes about The War, somtimes about his old horse ranch befor ehe had a heart attack, sometimes about my aunts. As I got older it was life, how he wanted me to react if he passed, what I should keep in mind if I ever wanted his [posthumous] approval of my mate. Things like that. I treasure those times. The long talks. The love. I can always see myself, when I am dreaming and can control where I am headed in the dream, starting on his porch, the roses in front of us, the swing beneath us, the wind in my hair, the smell of his cologne tickling my nose.

As an adult, without a doubt, my favorite memory is the first night Beloved and I spent in our new home. We had just signed on it, it was ours. It was a warm october and we opened the windows and let the air come in. We slept on a pallet made out of couch cushions and bedsheets. I was so happy. I remember thinking that I had a woman who loved me, a home that was mine and a good future to look forward to. Everything seemed alright bathed in the sunset that night. It was a perfect moment.

Mr. Mystic, you know, I'd blush if I were able. Your suggestion comes as a bit of a suprise. I've not dallied over here in a long time. Quite a long time. And I'm no expert. I wouldn't be a good teacher. If you ask me, its the experimenting and learning thats fun. ;)

Mor elater, loves. I promise I'll try to get around more often. At worst, I'll send you all an email letting you know I'm in one peice and happy, eh?



Mark said...


missed you, i know its not your fault. how are things?

Anonymous said...

Please don't leave us again, it's very lonely without you

Aravis said...

Those were really lovely memories, alecya. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Hyde said...

Well, I'm glad you're alright! :)

Anonymous said...

looking forward to having you back.

Anonymous said...

Those are some very fine memories. I'll get around to an e-mail, I promise.

HistoryGeek said...

Lovely memories. It sounds like you are keeping busy. But remember to take care of yourself in the midst of everything.

adem said...

Welcome back!

Some lovely memories there Alecya. I really don't know what mine would be, but lately I've have a few good memories of my grandparents too and it was all inspired by a glass of lemonade. strange things eh?

Anonymous said...

alecya, Oh fair Alecya, Where art thou? fair Alecya.