Thursday, January 05, 2006

99 Truths and a Lie

I saw everyone has this, and I wanted to give it a whirl. I aslo thought it would be a good way for me to share more of myself with you. Of course, if you have any questions you want to know and I would be more than happy to answer them for you. Here we go then... 1. I am afraid of heights, but I love roller coasters
2. I love my tattoos and think that each of them mark something special about me
3. I sometimes let other people make decisions for me because I feel more free when they do
4. Spiders frighten me to death
5. I love snakes and the feel of them. I think they are beautiful creatures.
6. I love the feel of horse noses and once mentioned to someone that I would like a blanket made from them.
7. I think the feel of leather is nice, but the smell of leather is very sexy
8. I wear a lot of thong underwear because it makes me feel pretty, but I really enjoy laying about in boy cut briefs
9. I’ve nicked a piece of clothing from every person I have slept with more than once. With the exception of one, I have all of them still.
10. I love when I have long hair, but hate the effort.
11. My toes are very long and slightly crooked from all of the years I took ballet
12. I love riding motorcycles and would like to own one of my own some day
13. I prefer SUC’s to sports cars as a general rule, but if I were to pick a brand new car I would want a Mustang
14. I shared a bedroom with my brother growing up
15. I didn’t start puberty until I was a freshman in high school, I was 15. My mom would not let me shave until I did.
16. I was a cheerleader in Jr. High, and used scissors to shave my legs, to make them look halfway normal
17. I have very high arches, so I can run faster in a pair of high heels than I can in tennis shoes.
18. I wasn’t able to run a full mile until I was 21. I did it in 12 minutes, and I cried afterwards I was so proud
19. I failed Physical Education every year I was in elementary school because of my asthma
20. I had my own room for the first time when I was 12
21. I get very angry when I am not good at something
22. I’ve never broken a bone
23. I am terrible at math, and it frustrates me because I cannot understand why an equations will work
24. I love burning candles, especially scented ones, and my favorite smells to burn are cranberry, black cherry and mulberry
25. I hate the smell of vanilla, but love the taste of it
26. My favorite flavors are butterscotch, toffee and chocolate
27. I have never been on an air plane
28. I would like to learn how to speak Russian and German
29. I am addicted to lip gloss, and am always reapplying it
30. I like black teas better than green teas, and hot better than cold
31. I cry at the drop of a hat now that I am older, whereas a few yeas ago I never cried at all
32. I love yoga, but don’t do it often enough
33. I used to do drugs, but have been drug free for over 4 years now
34. I smoke a cigar when I go out to celebrate my birthday every year, but never any other time
35. I like to cook, but am terrible at making cakes
36. If I cold own any dog I would get a Great Pyrenees or an English Mastiff and let it live inside with me.
37. I cheat at cards if I know I won’t get caught
38. I love the game Trivial Pursuit, because I have an odd knack for remembering things that are unimportant to everyone but me
39. Sometimes I have dreams reliving the most unpleasant experiences in my past
40. My mom kicked me out at 18, and though I likely would have moved out anyway, I resent her for not allowing me the choice
41. I like to wrap presents
42. I love cuddling, and feel like being close and quiet is one of the most beautiful and intimate things you can do with a person
43. When I cry hard, my body shakes all over. I also shake hard when I am in pain.
44. When I did drugs, and hallucinated, it was always pink elephants.
45. I am afraid of needles
46. I can smell the rain before it comes, even in the city, and even though I do not have a very good sense of smell
47. I had a girl friend when I was little who I would spend the night with and we would take baths together and wash each other. Everyone I know thinks this is odd, but I would have continued doing it except she moved away. We were both 13 or so.
48. I have an unhealthy fascination with knives, and would collect them were the kind I like not illegal in my state.
49. I think of my grandfather as my father
50. I have not seen my biological father since I was 4
51. I have slept with both men and women, in nearly equal amounts
52. I have only struck one person in anger in my entire life.
53. I love taking pictures of things, but am not very good at it
54. The times I feel most beautiful are when I am dancing and when I am singing. I am very good at both.
55. My favorite pair of boots make me 6' tall, which I think is the perfect height for me
56. I used to be anorexic
57. I wore a training bra until I was 20
58. I did pageants when I was in high school at my mother’s insistence, and I still have all my dresses. I never won.
59. My favorite flowers are cupid’s dart, purple roses and forget me nots.
60. I’ve never been on a ferris wheel, I am afraid of falling from the top chair.
61. I have an borderline unhealthy obsession with sex, and I think about it more than I should.
62. I hate that I have crooked teeth, but refuse to get braces, because I think they are ugly and would hurt too much
63. I think braces are sexy on other people, especially men
64. I used to sing with my area’s regional opera.
65. I know how to hypnotize myself, I learned how to in my advanced psychology class in school
66. My bedroom walls are dark red, and the rest of the room is black and white. These are my three favorite colors.
67. I drive a truck, and driving a car makes me nervous that I am going to be rear ended.
68. I can’t stand my mother, but feel guilty that I do not like her
69. I am a self taught swimmer
70. I feel like I am an average looking person
71. I am legally blind without my glasses, and I have to special order my contact lenses because of how high the prescription is
72. I think three things show what kind of person you really are - pain, fear and grief
73. I think living through those three things can be a beautiful experience, and change a person for the better.
74. My family resents me for not coming to the hospital the night my Grandfather died. He had told me not to come, we had talked about it previously.
75. They moved my grandfather to a new cemetery when he had been buried two years. Neither place were the ones he wanted to be laid to rest at. I resent my family for being selfish about it.
76. I wear mens socks because I think they are more comfortable.
77. I have a strong sense of empathy and sometimes can feel when people I love are suffering, though I am sometimes unsure why I feel it.
78. I used to have a guinea pig named Xerxes
79. I love Star Wars but detest Star Trek, a fact that makes Beloved crazy, she is a devoted trekkie
80. I cannot sleep without complete darkness in a room
81. When I was a little girl I would lay next to my door and read by the light of the living room up the hall when I was supposed to be in bed.
82. I don’t like having women as friends, as a general rule, because I have learned that they are untrustworthy and competitive.
83. I get along better with men, as a general rule, and find it easier to work with them as well.
84. I love all kinds of music, and like to just lay and listen to it when I am feeling stressed.
85. I love taking baths, and will stay in until I wrinkle up and have to run more hot water.
86. I am going back to school, and will get a writing degree, although it will not be the kind I would like to get
87. I love school, and am happiest when I learn new things
88. When I was single, I would go to cemeteries to relax in the afternoon because I felt like it put things in perspective
89. I want to have a wedding in a terribly romantic place, most likely outside in the summer
90. This is likely something that will never happen, so I look at wedding dresses that are completely impractical for the occasion
91. Although I am in a committed relationship with someone who loves me, I always get the feeling I am going to either be left or spend my life alone. It doesn’t bother me.
92. I am a very devoted friend, and believe that once I love someone, I love them without reserve or reason. Even if it only makes sense to me.
93. I never let Beloved read my writing because I am afraid she will hate it and I will quit writing all together
94.My favorite animals are otters, because of how playful and graceful they are. I go to our zoo specifically to watch them.
95. My favorite things to drink are strait whisky and strait scotch.
96. I love to read, and have a bad habit of getting lost in the books I read and tuning out everything else.
97. If I was able to visit anywhere, I would go on a European tour, but would specifically want to see Italy, England and Germany.
98. I prefer to be hot than to be cold
99. I love swimming in lakes, although I just discovered this about a year or two ago.
100. The three words I would use to describe myself are loving, paranoid and lusty


sunshine said...

Wow. I know you so much better, if I wasn't at work right now I would comment on a few specifically, so perhaps I will do that later tonight when I'm at home.

Excellent, I"m glad you are a copy cat :)

Alecya G said...

I'd like that very much. I would also be interested to hear which one you think is the lie...


sunshine said...

ok, I get 3 guesses at the lie.

Is #95 a lie?

Alecya G said...

No, that's true.

swisslet said...

There's a lot of really interesting stuff there, and first and foremost I think I should thank you for sharing it with us. That list makes you come across as quite sensitive, I think. Strong and resilient, but with a gentle and slightly vulnerable side. Does that make sense?

The lie?

I reckon motorbikes. You don't want a motorbike. You hate motorbikes.

Am I warm?


LB said...

i reckon #27. the air plane one. although only 10% of Americans have passports, apparently, so it could be true...

Flash said...

I love those lists & I feel I know you much better now.

The lie? No.41
Nobody actually likes wrapping presents, do they?!!

Alecya G said...

Alright *stretches* here we go.

ST- I love morotcycles. i get a huge kick out of riding them. At my last job (before the one I got fired at) I had several co-workers with bikes and I would go riding with them. Lots of fun.

LB- glad you found you way to my list! Acutally, I have never been on a plane. I don't have a passport and have never been out of the country. I have, however, traveled to 13 other states than my own, but always by bus or by car. I would like to try it, but I am a bit afraid of them...

Flash! Ah, it is *so* nice to see you wandering in and out of here again! Welcome back. I am glad you feel you know me better. I honestly like to wrap presents, its one of my favorite holiday activities.

All of you, i would be thrilled to answer more questions for you, and of course, venture more guesses, I am interested in your answers.

Lots of love,always-AG

HistoryGeek said...

Lovely list...

I know this could be true and you'd still get tattoos, but it would make sense if #45 (being afraid of needles) was a lie since you have several tattoos.

What I love about these lists, beyond the getting to know one another, is the points where I think, "me too!"

Alecya G said...

Ah, Spinny. I'd like to know where you say "me too". that fascinates me, its so rare I find people who think or have had the same experiences as I have. (part of what I love about blogland. there seem to be so many more who have walked my shoes...)

In any instance, I am deathly afraid of needles. I was a very sick child and I had to stay in the hospital a lot growing up. As a result, I developed a healthy fear of IV's, needles and anything else that pokes me and makes me bleed.

Part of what I like about getting a tattoo is that I have to overcome my own fears to get it done. I think I mentioned in my list, I feel each of my tattoos is an expression of me, and each one of them makes me a little more complete, I think. So for me, its a beautiful feeling to go through both the pain and the fear I do to have something that is important to me be accomplished.

and I promise, a day or so and I will get up a photo of my tats. I promise. I have to crape up some change to get the film developed and put on CD. Dang, I need a digi cam...

sunshine said...

# 84 I hope that's a lie. You like country???

Alecya G said...

Ha! that gives me a giggle. Remeber where I live? I grew up on country. I think I posted I am an excellent singer...I can doa dead on Reba McEntire when pushed...

so, no, I like everything, although most country isnt my style. I like Rap, Rock, Country, Folk, Opera...there is hardly a bit of the musical world I don't love at least a little of...

sunshine said...

#47 is a bit weird, but I don't think it's a lie. I'm gonna say it though, though I'm thinking # 76 might be it, I hope #82 is a lie other wise we shouldn't talk anymore : ), or could it be # 57, why start so late, just go free always! Perhaps # 4 otherwise you would be dead, I'm sure you've seen a spider once. Or could it be #, cause that's weird.

The more I read of you, the more confused I get.

Any of those right? I won't quit!!

sunshine said...

oops #6 was that last comment

Alecya G said...

Alright, I am a freak eh sunnybunny? *smiles*

*cracks knuckles* I've got a million stories, don't I?

The horse nose thing is true. I think they are really soft, like a furry leather, almost. I like it. So not the noses, per say, but soemthing that feels like them.

I do hate spiders, and they make me scream, no kidding. I kicked over a nest once when I was a little girl. I never got over them crawling all over me.

The bath thing is true. This is one of the reasons Beloved thinks I am 'demented' as she puts it.

I just broke a B cup on my 21st birthday. So, #57 is true. That's also in part because I was anorexic and had no fat on my body. I am now a healthly b/c depending on the bra. hooray.

I love mens socks. The tips of my feet are sensitive, and they are more cushioned by mens socks.

And, no, I would like to be friends, you dope, its just my experience in person that most of the female friends I have had in the past either didn't like me in the first place or were complete liars or both. Odd, since I like girls, huh?

Off you go then. Sorry to confuse you.

but, you know, you are a sweetheart.

X and O for you.

sunshine said...

I think I'm out of guesses, but for the heck of it, #66

If that's not it, I'll just have to wait for someone else to figure it out.

* sighs *

sunshine said...

wait, might it be #9?

Alecya G said...

Oh, sunshine. I think you'll have to wait until someone else guesses or else I tell you all, then.

For the record, I do have a fantastic collection of boxers, tee-shirts and other sundries from my former lovers. Its like kleptomania almost. Weird, huh?

The only one I don't have left is the blue button down shirt I nicked from the guy who took my virginity. I lost it in a move I think. I do, however, wear the same colonge he did.