Monday, January 09, 2006

My Evening Out

Well, pics are on their way, i promise. Its a good lookout Beloved remembered the camera, because I surely wouldn't have.

The evening was nothing like I expected. I'll tell you that. [Sorry, Flash, my girls were well behaved...]

We got out and met up with Superlegal, an old coworker of Beloved's and her husband Gamer. They had brought a friend of theirs I met once, D and seemed like they were all on their way to a good buzz when we got there.

Being the idiot that I was, I started drinking right away. [Whisky sours, for those who care] I had two in the space of about 15 minutes. Just then Bunny and Rabbit [who are friend's of Beloved that we've known for a while] showed up and gave me hugs and kisses. They went with Beloved to get another drink. When they came back Superlegal and I went to dance, because the music was really good.

Fast forward to about an hour later, I am still drinking and I probably shouldn't be. Saukura and his boyfriend [the only two out of the people I invited] show up and dance with us for a while. I get down to get a soda, and here's what I remember the rest of the night:

* I have at least two more drinks and am bought a shot by an old friend of mine I run into.
* Beloved gets angry when a cute girl looks like she is dancing with me, jumps up in my arms and pulls me off the other way.
* I run into another person I haven't seen in a while, a girl I used to have a thing for, before I met Beloved. Beloved tugs me in the other direction, I learn later everyone thought she was hitting on me [she was telling me how she used to have a crush on Beloved]
* Superlegal cuts me off, and Beloved does my birthday shot.
* I go to the corner of the bar with Gamer and try [try being operative] to talk to him in my drunken stupor. I know I mentioned I thought I was trashed and that it was weird seeing all the people I hadn't in a long time, I think I probably mumbled something about being in love with Beloved, as I am wont to do when I can't process coherent thought. The poor fellow is kind enough to put up with me until Beloved finds us.
* I get sick. [how emabrassing]
* I go to dance again, and Beloved is mad at me for some reason, when we go to get off the dance floor I slip on some broken glass. I do not cut myself, but do feel like a total fool. Someone helps me up while they flag down Beloved, who didn't even notice I wasn't behind her.
* Bunny and Rabbit take us home, I get a Happy Meal at McDonalds, Beloved gets Taco Bell
* I get home, eat my food, and get sick again.
* I fall asleep in my bed

Things I don't remember that must have happened:
*taking out my contacts
*taking off the tape
*removing my clothes
*saying goodbye to anyone
* paying the tab
* getting in the car

So, all in all, prbably not my most stellar night. I could, of course, lie and tell you all I had an excellent time and I was a lovely drunk, but then, that's not too honest. I'll just trust you to have a good laugh over all of it, and then remind me next time I say I am going to go out that I should prbably only have 2 drinks.

And yes, Swiss, I danced my heart out, as long as I was able, in any case.


sunshine said...

Doesn't sound all that bad. Had you stopped at the 2 drink limit, it wouldn't have been as entertaining for us : )

You survivored and I'm sure Beloved won't hold it against you. You are a wild one and I'm sure she knows that.

We'll wait for pics, but not all week.

HistoryGeek said...

Thank the gods you don't remember the removal of the duct tape.

Alecya G said...

Aren't you cute, Foxy!? No, not in order, I'd be in jail....heh. Although I am sure I exited in fine style. I have had two different people ask me how much of the evening I remember, which makes me think maybe I waould like to forget whatever I have forgotten anyway.

No. I think Sunshine is calling me a tease. For the record, I will have pics up by the end of tonight. I promise, I am running around the blog street and then off to the film place...

Spins, I think you are right, but then, as drunk as I was, would I have even felt it???

Flash said...

I'm a firm believer that every now & again one has to be a disgraceful drunk, so good work missy!