Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Its My Party

Yep. Its my birthday. Woohoo. I am excited. I am 24 today.

I get to go get my new tattoos tonight, which I will duly document and post, so you can see me when I am not smiling, but in copious amounts of pain for the sake of my own vanity [it happens more than you think]. This also means you get to finally see the other ones on my back. You will also get to see a pic of Mystery, my ML for NaNo, who is coming with me, and getting a tattoo as well. She's getting the Lorax on her hip. If you don't know the lorax, google him. He's excellent.

Hope you are all having a lovely day. Of course, I am going out for my birthday this weekend. So if you want to come dancing with us we will be headed here: http://www.marthascomplex.com if you want to come along. I've selected an incredibly obscene outfit for the occasion, so it should be fun. [I'll be wearing my boots, even]

Hugs and kisses to you all-


adem said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Flash said...

Happy Birthday Hot Girl!!

Obscene outfit?
That's the spirit!

Have a drink for me


Alecya G said...

Hey Adem! good to see you around!

Thanks Foxy. I can't feel it anyway. I'm pretty tough...

Flash, you're a darling. I'll be sure to post pics. Just for you ;)

swisslet said...

just for flash?

*huffs off*


HistoryGeek said...

Oh, a tattoo...lovely process for so many reasons.

I'm excited to see the results.

I want to see pictures of the obscene outfit, too!

sunshine said...

Happy Belated, sorry I didn't make it around your way yesterday.

Can't wait to see this back of yours!

Alecya G said...

Wow. The obscene outfit seems to be a big hit...I am surprised. Why so excited everyone? Heh heh heh.