Friday, January 27, 2006

The MeMe that seems to be everywhere

Alright. I first saw it at Adem's, and I belive he picked it up from Phil, where Ka saw it. I've been meaning to get around to it, and since blogger has decided to be kind to me, here we go. [And my spacing is crap again, sorry]

4 Jobs I've had:

1. Camp counselor at a Baptist girl's camp. One week of excellent fun, the girls were great, the camp was beautiful and it was spiritually refreshing for me [just not is a baptist kind of I didn't tell them I was a lesbain witch, why?] And we won "honor cabin". Ace.
2. Domestic Law Paralegal. Three years of sheer hell. When your client's lives are falling apart you have to be there to pick up the peices. I am a nice person, but I haven't the compassion or patience to talk to people who call me 6 and 7 times a day to cry about their lives. [I kept a long list of personal counselors on my desk for reference] And I especially didnt have the patience for people who call me shouting "My ex is here and he's beating down my door and threatening me" So call the police! Why are you on the phone to me? Sorry...sorry...
3. GoGo Dancer at a gay nightclub. It was a lot of fun. Of course, I was a mess. Still, it was fun at the time. What's really funny? I made all my money off gay men. All of it. I think I was tipped by a woman maybe three times in the entire time I worked there. Go figure...I also worked as a dresser and a coreographer at the same club, at the same time, but my official title was 'dancer'
4. Office Manager for a Construction company. It was at a wastewater treatment plant too. I had to crawl all over and about and near all manner of sick things. *plus* I had to photgraph work progress, so I was up really high [I am afraid if heights] and had to go all sorts of odd places.
4 Places I've Lived: 1. I've lived in the same city all my life. Sad, eh?
The 4 Best Places I've Visited: 1. Oklahoma City. Beautiful city. Lovely people. Excellent zoo. 2. Disney World. I had so much fun at Disney world. I want to go again without my family to ruin it. I went with my friends when I was in high school because we were marching in the Citrus Bowl Parade [yes, I am a geek, what's it to you?] and we were there for new years. It was beautiful. 3. HaHa Tonka State Park, MO. A gorgeous place to visit. Lots of great hiking and wildlife and the caslte ruins are excellent. 4. Buffalo River State Park, AK. best canoeing ever. I promise. from the easy bits to the rock garden, every canoeist can find something here. And the bluffs are gorgeous, and are a strenuous but beautiful trek. And the hemmed in hollow is my favorite place in the world to sit and eat a picnic lunch.
4 Movies I'd Watch Again: 1. The Count of Monte Cristo. Based on my favorite book, hot can I not like it? 2. Harry Potter, take your pick. I'm with Ka on this one. And with my longstanding crushes on Jason Isaacs and Alan Rickman....yep. Stopping now. 3. Kill Bill. Either one. I love the soundtrack. I like the storyline and some of the characters are hilarious. And Uma thurman's deadpan is priceless. "My pussy wagon broke down" Plus the true geek in me likes the homage to the Spaghetti Westerns and the old Japaneese Films... 4. Love, Actually. I can't get enough of this film. I can't.
4 Movies You Couldn't Pay Me Enough to Watch Again: 1. Mars Attacks. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid movie. I lost brain cells watching it. There's a way to spoof and there's a way to not. This is a 'not'. 2. Who's Harry Crumb? Belvoed made me watch this. I thought it was stupid. 3 . The Intperpreter. My god, was this film overhyped or what? And I like Nicole Kidman well enough, but really, the only thing remotely interesting about this movie was that it was filmed at the UN. 4. Rules of Attraction. I saw the first ten minutes of this and quit watching. It was terrible. I almost threw up.
4 TV Shows I Love to Watch: 1. Survivor. I am a reality TV show addict, and this is my drug of choice. I think it shows what type of person you really are. we never improve, but only become more fully what we are. 2. Dancing with the Stars. Yep. Because I love ballroom, I love dancing and its beautiful. Oh, and Lisa Renna? Grrr! Louis Van Amstel isn't too bad either... 3. Alias. Used to be my absolute favorite, but the storyline has gone down the toilet, I think. Should have quit while they were ahead. 4. X-Files. I love these re-runs and I never catch them enough. Possibly my favorite show of all time.
My 4 Favourite Foods: 1. Chineese. Can't get enough of it. Rice, noodles, chicken, beef. I love it all. 2. Steak. A good thick steak. I know you poor vegetarians are sick to your stomach now. But at least I like mine cooked...right? 3. Potatoes any way you can give them to me. 4. Butterscotch. Its not a real food, I know. But its one of the best sweets in the world.
4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now: 1. In a park, hiking with friends. 2. At a job, of any kind at this point. 3. In a class at University 4. In the arms of someone who loves me
4 Things I Want to Do Before I Die: 1. see Europe. 2. Wear a wedding gown 3. See a volcano 4. Go scuba diving
4 Things I've Tried But Never Again 1. Jaggermister 2. the "Pirate Ship" ride at the fair. I hyperventilated and got sick. 3. Onion and Pepperoni pizza. Ick. 4. Chewing Gum in bed. That was a *mess*
4 Things I've Not Tried But Would Like To 1. going on a Sailboat 2. Surfing 3. Learning how to Paso Double 4. Snow Skiing


Mark said...

swap "Love Aatually" and "Mars Attacks" around and I may forgive you.

Erika said...

Lisa Renna? Seriously?

I think both she and her husband need to walk away slowly from the tanning beds. I mean, my god, the woman is ORANGE!

She does, however, have the greatest set of pins since Cyd Cherise. Well, Bebe Neuwirth could give them both a run for their money.

Alecya G said...

she has nice legs, Ka. Really nice. I agree about the tanning, though.

And I'll do whatever is needed to earn forgiveness, Mark ;)

Anonymous said...

Why should you have to tell anyone, that you're a Lesbian? I'ts a free country and who you have sex with is your own private bussines.

Mark said...

well, that's jolly nice of you, consider it done.

I'm not sure I have expalined my antipathy towards Richard Curtis.

Mark said...

..well I have now. Don't take it personally.

Charby said...

Whatever you do, when ever you get a chance to go scuba diving you simply MUST do it.
Its awesome!

adem said...

A GoGo dancer.....excellent!

The pasa doble?? Very interesting. Check out this page for a quick video on it and a few basic steps.