Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Ain't No Damsel In Distress

Alrighty, ladies. This one is for you. If you have not been to visit the lovely Ka at Grey City Manifesto, I've added her to my links. She's got a great feminist thing going right now and it makes me want to cheer. I forgot what its like to love being a woman.

I might need to go on about this tomorrow. Till then, go visit her, and tell her how much she rocks.


swisslet said...

she does rock, you're right. I'm not sure if she's exactly a feminist, but she is great.


Alecya G said...

No, I meant the post she has going on right now, in the least, it stirred feminist feelings in me. She wrote something like "I’m a smart girl. I’m a needy girl. I’m an independent girl. I’m a complete girl.And I’m a single girl.And I’m a frustrated girl." It takes a strong woman to say all those things. That's all I am saying.

Erika said...

Am I not a feminist? I guess it depends what your definition of feminism is. The word is a bit worse for wear nowadays, almost to the point of being a negative term. I'm not sure that's fair.

I'm definitely an egalitarian. An egalitarian who believes in celebrating the inherent differences in the genders without defining either side as being better, more useful, more interesting.

I like being a girl - we get to wear sparkles on our faces and saucy boots and go "squeeeeeee!" over boybands. It's just important to me that I don't HAVE to do any of the above.

Alecya - please do write more about your thoughts on the issue. I'd love to read them. And I'm absolutely going to link to you on my blog when I get home (I'm currently embezzling internet at work).

ST - I adore you. Thanks, honey.

Alecya G said...

Yay!!!! Ka! Woot.

You're a fantastic lady, I'll tell you. You s hould email me. We'll be buddies...*scuffs feet, looks shy*

Either way...I'll get something feminist and happy up soon enough.