Monday, February 27, 2006

And the magazines agree with all the radios

From My Local Paper:

In Opinion

"Acceptance of homosexuality, once seemingly inconceivable, comes from calculated agenda"


"uninhibited homosecual parenting is being pushed into acceptance. Once acheived, groups who have been laying groundwork for years will emerge to coast on the gay agenda's success."

"now must be brutally honest: Homosexuality has been pushed into social acceptance following a precise and calculated agenda started long ago. Consider: Are individuals who give in to the temptation of homosexuality really different than those parents asked to turn their children over to the child welfare system? Alcoholics, drug addicts, neglectful parents and the like engage in behavior that can only be characterized as destructive. And up until a few years ago, living life apart from God as a practicing gay/lesbian was, too. Yet judges are now taking our children out of one unhealthy situation and placing them into another. How far will it go?"

In slightly more happy news:

The Life Section:

A review of the Artic Monkey's album "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not"

"Like most neo-garage acts, Britain's Arctic Monkeys dip liberally into the past, channeling The Clash, Oasis and Nirvana. Except those influences are filtered through The Libertines, The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand, with a little hip-hop freneticism. What sets the Monkeys apart is an ability to sound fresh and authentically young as they confidently bash and tear through scrappy rock 'n' roll songs. Sweaty, witty and unpretentious, "Whatever" packs feverish energy and slyly observed tales into giddy post-punk that gels like teen spirit. The generation gap is finally making a comeback."

Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll start selling the album somewhere near here.


HistoryGeek said...

I LOVE how loving someone is construed as destructive and akin to an addiction or abusing your child.

Hyde said...

That article was insanely infuriating!

I love this logic:
"How can I hand future generations over to be trained by those living daily in defiance to God?"

So, does that mean that aetheist or any kind of non-Christian couple should be banned from adopting too? Going beyond a sexuality issue, what happened to religious freedom?

I also like the historical support for her argument: "Historically, countries who abandon their value systems meet fate. I fear for America's future."

I'm glad someone is doing historians' work so well out there.

It makes me want to puke.

HistoryGeek said...

I, personally, enjoy how she whipped out the NAMBLA flag - because aren't all gay men pedophiles?

Aravis said...

I agree with what everyone here has already said. The problem is that there are a great number of people in this country who believe this bullsh*t. Every time I run into one, it honestly floors me. And as Fox says, there's absolutely nothing you can say to them that will get through. Nothing. I'm also quite sure that they would be against allowing anyone to adopt who refuses to accept their God, if they thought they could get away with it. This is one battle they think they can win. Let's hope they're wrong. I can't tell you how sick I am of people trying to convert me to their religion to save my immortal soul.

My immortal soul is none of their business. They should spend a little more time worrying about their own.

What a bunch of ugly hate-mongers.

Mark said...

I don't understand why people think all gays are paedos. Some are, some aren't.

Aravis said...

Oh, and I can't wait for the Arctic Monkey's cd to be released here, either! *G*

HistoryGeek said...

Aravis - I was wrong...the Arctic Monkeys got released last week (according to my web search last night).

Anonymous said...

I guess that I'm in the minority, but I actually enjoy reading articles like that. They are the last dying gasp of bigotry and Hatred towards Gays and Lesbians. It seems to me that 20-30 years ago, this was considered mainstream, now we are all laughing about how wacked out this person is. I don't believe that they will all curl up and die, but the strides that we have made as a people really give me hope.Remember, that type of belief is now in the minority, and is shrinking.

P.S. Artic Monkeys ROCK