Friday, February 17, 2006

Maybe I Should Put a bucket Over My Head, And A Marshmellow in Each Ear

I suppose everyone has heard about the Cheney shooting incident by now. I know I've not liekly got much to add to the commentary except to say, had anyone thought about what might have happened if this guy had died? No one? Nope? I didn't think so. The only reason I laugh about this at all [and yes, I am a bad person and I laugh] is because it amazes me how stpuid the people who run our country are.

And Mr. President says he is satisfied. That he gave a 'strong explanation'. Right. "I didn't see him until I shot the gun" is a great excuse. Somewhere up there with other greats like: I didn't do it, It was an accident, and [my favorite] the devil made me do it.

What really makes me laugh is that it was Karl Rove who told him to go public because it might be bad for his public image. When he's the guy saying, 'dude, you look bad' you know you're in trouble.

Of course, that news bit was good for a laugh, but I was really indignant when I discovered that they were on a canned hunt.

Canned hunts aren't really hunts, are they? Not really, when you consider these poor animals are raised and practically conditioned to move as targets. And people pay large sums of money to do this. Cheney's birds? Released from a cage. And he can't even hit those. Sick, wrong, pathetic. This isn't sport, this is cruelty, plain and simple.

This site also points out that there is a large variety of places where you can hunt exotic animals. Even better, if you're a *really* poor marksman and can't kill one, they'll give you your money back!

I also saw on my local news last night that canned hunting in the US is allowed for some endangered species. Now, even if you were going to count canned hunts as real sport, why in gods name would you allow people to do it to endangered species? But, as our lovely president pointed out on my local news [and I am searching desperatly for a link to this interview] All the money these people pay to kill caged and tame animals "goes to conservation efforts"

Oh, well, that makes it okay doesnt it? Lets kill some exotic animals, save the earth while we're at it.

Suddenly I am able to see how they might think that they are doing overseas is okay if they don't have a problem with this.


Aravis said...

I'd heard about this practice. It was featured on an episode of the original CSI series last year. These people obtain animals from private owners/breeders or even illegally from zoos (for those who are willing to pay extra for the pleasure of hunting illegal exotics), posing as conservationists who are willing to take old or excess animals into their private reserves. Instead, they charter these hunts for the rich, loosing these poor animals to be hunted down on large remote properties.

Quite honestly, this practice leaves me feeling violent, and not towards the so-called "dumb" animals being hunted!!!

Anonymous said...

The dude missed a caged animal and hit a person. What a prick.

Anonymous said...

I bet you somewhere out there, someone has financed a real man hunt.

Chenny just got confused which one he was at.