Sunday, February 26, 2006

The best things happen when you're dancing

Last night I went to a comedy club in our town to watch comedian Tim Cavenaugh preform. He's a regular on one of the morning radio shows I listen to [Bob and Tom]. He was very good. We met one ofour friends out, it was her mom's birthday and we know her family and so we spent time with them. It was good. After the show we played billiards and Beloved got drunk. I stayed sober to drive. The bar was really full and there was more than once I waited in line 20 minutes or more to get a soda.

Highlights of the evening include:

Me singing karaoke and doing really well. Random people stopped me to tell me they liked it. I was thrilled. People actually danced while I sang.

Beloved got hit on in the bathroom by some random girl. She was *gorgeous* My girl, she can reel them in.

I got chatted up by a fellow at the bar who was sitting by the spot I got my drinks. He complimented me on my "lovely, softspoken voice" and said he was hoping I would sing [which of course, I did. I never made it back to see what he thought, though] We also made fun of some of the incredibly bad singers. Its always nice to get a compliment.

Beloved got really, really smashed.

All in all a decent evening. Of course, she's sleeping off her hangover right now.

In other news, tonight is the season finale of Dancing with the Stars [Strictly Come Dncing to you English readers] Last week my favorites, Lisa Rinna and Louis VanAmstel were voted off [robbed] and the finals were Stacy Keebler, DrewLatchey and Jerry Rice. I am hoping Drew wins. He is my next favorite after Lisa and Louis, and definately the best left. I've stopped voting though. Everytime I vote for a reality show contestant they get voted off. There's a lesson there, I am sure.


HistoryGeek said...

Karaoke is always fun...although I always choose bad songs for my vocal range.

Aravis said...

Sounds like you had a great time! As for reality shows, every time I cheer for somebody, they get the boot. The more I despise someone, the longer they last. So I completely know what you mean about the voting thing. *G*

adem said...

Sounds like you had a good night.

On the whole celebrity Dance-off thingy, they are showing 'Dancing on Ice', which involves celebrities pairing off with professionals and iceskating.

I've seen a couple of funny bits so far involving David Seaman [ex England Soccer Goalkeeper] who last week was spinning around whilst holding onto the ankles of his partner, so that she was airborn. He lost speed on the spin which resulted in her cracking her chin on the ice and needing stitches.... and guess what??....they tried the move again this week and he did it again!!!! Only dropped her on her shoulder this time though!! I think he's been voted out now..... ;(

Aravis said...

The whole ice thing surprised me really, because a lot of those moves are quite dangerous, including the one adem mentions. To have people attempt them who don't really know what they're doing is beyond ridiculous, it's irresponsible.