Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm Alright, I'm Alright

Hi there. I am not maimed or anything, just, sadly, allowing my life to lead me away from the co mputer more than I might normally endure. A brief update?

I went and saw X3 on Friday. I'll say this: Oh. My. God. But I liked it. Tonight I am going to see another movie with my delightful little cousins, Preistess' girls.

My cousin by my great aunt on my mom's side, Not an Angel, graduated from high school this last week too, so I was there for that.

Saturday, Sunday and yesterday were without a doubt the most horrible days at work I could ever have had, as far as customers and co-workers go. I will say there were a few saving graces, but I'll save them for another post.

You might be interested to know I bought a 1937 copy of Gone With the Wind last week too. I've finished it just this morning. As always, the book is far better than the movie. It explains so much more, really. I loved it, too. I've grown fond of scouring used book stores on my days off and looking for new [to me] and interesting books to read.

Has anyone read Ulysses? [By James Joyce] I've had a mind to start it but I am terribly afraid it isnt going to be worth the headache it will be to read it. Someone tell me to stop being a pussy and buckle down, eh?

I'll post again when I get a chance, hopefully with something more interesting than now.

love you all


swisslet said...

hey tiger.

Ulysses is dull.... in my opinion... but I did read it when I was 17 and not really concentrating. I do distinctly remember eating a pack of hickory smoked nuts as I started the book though. Good nuts!


Aravis said...

I've never managed to force myself to read that one either, so I'm afraid I'm no help there. But I have to agree that GWTW is much better as a book. Sorry work sucked this weekend. Hope things settle for you soon! :0)

shorty said...

Buckle down!!!

: )

HistoryGeek said...

I loved and hated GWTW. I've never seen the movie. I'm just a sucker who loves a happy romance (which is the reason I didn't like it).

As for Ulysses, you won't get any help from me. I've pretty much decided that I will only read things that hold my attention, anymore. I like learning and connecting to culture, but reading for me is an escape. It's the one escape I won't deny myself.

I'm glad you are well.

Erika said...

Have you heard the story about James Joyce and the young student in Dublin?

Apparently Joyce was walking down the street one day, undoubtedly thinking profound thoughts, when a young man came running up.

"Oh!" cried the young man. "May I kiss the hand that wrote Ulysses?"

"You may certainly not!" exclaimed Joyce. "It's done plenty of other things as well."

Flash said...

I really wouldn't know!

LB said...

I haven't read "ulysses" or eaten hickory smoked nuts, as I recall. Certainly not together.

Cody Bones said...

Joyce is long-winded and boring, Mrs. Joyce thought he was long winded and boring (Animal house humour) I do not recommend that book at all. It's summer, try some lighter fare. Robert Louis Stevenson jumps to mind. Treasure Island, now there's a rippin good classic yarn. Good luck

adem said...

Can't really say anything on the books but I can recommend X-Men 3!