Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The pleasure, the privilege is mine

Alright, first, the meme continued [oh, this is fun]

1. Your sunglasses
2. Anything by The Smiths, especially "Some Girls are Bigger than Others"
3. Take a long walk. Have tea.
4. What sound does a tiger make?
5. This one is a tie- I used to have to go through other people's blogs to find yours before I bookmarked it. When you asked me to do your earworm list.
6. "Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves" Blaise Pascal
7. This one is hard...I think I know all those off the wall ones...hmm. Okay - food you like least in the world. [not fair, is it?]

Spinny - thank you! You're right, I do understand. Its always nice to have an unspoken connection with someone, I think. And you are, or to me you are, very very gentle. As far as your question, as soon as I get the money I suppose! I've got a long list of places to go and visit, and an even longer list of bills *sigh* One day....I'm taking time off and going to visit everyone! And you all are loves, especially you. I'd be lying if I said I wasnt very attached to my readers. You give me balance and perspective. And more than one of you have become very good friends to me, so of course I call you all loves.

Aravis - I wondered about the stickers! I love your quote. If I could do anything? Haha, travel...go visit Spinny...and everyone else! For a job [I think this is what you mean] teach and write, so, I suppose, in about 10 years, I 'll be doing it with any luck. Thats something to look forward to isnt it?

Any other takers?

I am working a night shift tonight. Lord, I hope it goes well. I dont work a lot of nights.

Also went shopping for my mom's mother's day gift...I hope she likes it. I am making her a gift basket...a pedicure set, some masks and bubble bath, chocolates, coffees, candles a teddy bear and two really good chick flicks [Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes] so shecan enjoy an evening to herself....A good idea? I'm running out to be frank. I got her jewelry and a purse and lots of wearable stuff last year, I did a massage and dinner the year before...*shrugs* I'm not as creative as I seem, when it comes to gifts.

I hope you all are well. I'm having so much fun with this meme. I really am.



Flash said...

I think it's high time that you did me!

Did you know that there is a wheelchair next to your word verification?

Alecya G said...

yeah, its for people who cant read or who have a slow connction and cant see the letters, you push it and it says numbers aloud and you type them....odd, isnt it?

And of couse all do you...haha. My pleasure....

HistoryGeek said...

The real question is how are the blind/low visioned supposed to see the wheelchair? It's smaller than the letters they put up.

Anonymous said...

I don't need a meme to tell you what I think of you.

I think you're an excellent person

You have fabulous writing skills

You should be doing romance novels
you would make a fortune

You're intelligent

You are sexy

You're adventurous

You take a great photo

You always have something nice to say about people.

Hows that?

Erika said...

Me me! Even though I've been utterly delinquent about commenting lately!

We should all do our version of you in return.

adem said...

DO ME! DO ME!!! Is that a little bit too forward?? ;)

Alecya G said...

Haha! Wow. Look at all of you! I'll get right on it, I promise! *smiles*

Mystic, you're going to make me blush, if you keep that up. You're too kind. You really are.