Monday, May 08, 2006

She's burning in your soul

Alright, to the comments first, and then, maybe, something new? What do you think? [I'm afraid at this point it won't matter, will it. Read on, though]

Leah, thanks for the tissues. I needed them. I went and got some antibiotics and am feeling much better after having nearly passed out and work on Friday and spending Saturday off work and recovering [much to my annoyance]. As for the work stories, I'll be sure to tell you some now, although, my dear, I am hardly transformative about my life, this is honestly it. Sometimes it doesnt really sound real, does it? I tell stories about my family sometmes, and people dont think I am telling the truth...Of course, all real life needs is a little perspective, eh?

Ka, wow. I'm blushing. I may steal your description on #1 for my profile! How's that for vain? Wouldn't it be fun if we could write eachother's profiles? I suppose it could go both could get something lke you wrote for me, or something like "Bit of a whiner, self important, has terrible taste in films" or the like. How heartbreaking would that be? Sounds like the making of a meme to me, write your friend's profiles...haha. Who gets the closest to the truth without flattery or heartbreak? Haha. Maybe not...sometimes I like you [and everyone else] for how kind you are, and how blindly you love. If I wanted criticism I suppose I'd talk to my mother...

Still, darling, you really are too kind. Thank you, though. I'm curious, what picture did you see of me for the first time? And why do I live on [apparently] the only state on the planet where I am not considered a knockout? You lot are inflating my ego....AS for the stories - email me. I'll be thrilled to chat to you. You're so fascinating to me [in a personal way, not a microscope and slides kind of way. its a good thing, I promise]

Incidentally, has someone let slip my mad love for dancing on speakers? I never thought I'd gone that far in talking about things I love to do, and I assure you, its my favorite spot at the local club. When I'm there my name is practically written on it! *hugs* A kindred spirit. Now, really, who told you I loved to dance? Oh! and its a date if you're ever my way, I promise.

Oh, last thing - No, I'd never trade away my sorrows. They are the measure for my joys, the measure for my calms and the moments when I most understand what I am made of. All of my sorrows are the sum of the strength [or lack of it] that I have. I wouldn't trade them, any of them, despite the horrors of some of those moments, for anything. I couldn't be the person who has a beautiful, raw, unadulterated, poetic, spiritual, carnal soul [as you put it] if I didn't.

Shorty - my MSN is wonky at home and I've been using AIM when I am online, which, regrettably is not very often...How are you holding up? I know you've been through the ringer lately. Maybe you're another I need to email. I've been thinking of you a lot lately. I'm a terrible friend sometimes. I promise, you've been on my mind.

Flash - I have no doubt you're built to be a rock star, but still, I suppose, hmmm. I dunno a better way to phrase that question, so I'll let it go. Next time I'll think of a better one, won't I?

Aravis - I am never tired of your sweetness.

Spinny - Certainly, stories...and what were you sending me? I've not gotten anything yet....

Alright....*sigh* a story, maybe?

I suppose I could tell you about Big and Stupid, how she earned her name. Or I could tell you about some of my customers, bless them. Or what it is like, in general, to work there? Are we wanting funny quirks of co-workers [like our kitchen manager who has an odd game involving song lyrics?] Does this appeal to you at all?

How about a description, and you can then tell me things you are interested in.

My store is just up the corner from the biggest tourist attraction in our area. [If you know where I live you'll nearly be able to pinpoint my exact location now, kids] Its a family restaurant that specilizes in breakfast being served 24 hours. because there aren't enough of those in the world. Its layout, if you can imagine, is a huge rectangle.

In the front left corner as you look at it there is a tiny square shaped entry with doors on both walls. Inside you come to a foyer where the restaurant extends slightly forward to form what we call the Lenai. Then there is a counter and a wait high oak wood wall separating the rest of the store. The rest of the tables are on the other side of this wall. The store is done in dark greens and homey fruit borders, like apples and baskets of grapes. The drapes are gaudy and the carpet reminds me vaguely of a casino.

The inside looks a lot like this [mind you, this is not the one I work in, its one of the other franchise ones.....]

But you get the general idea. Only we keep the shades open so its always really bright in there. It smells perpetually of muffins and omlettes. [As do I, anymore] The back of the restaurant is tiled and boring as any other restaurant might be, although, because of the bakery, our galley smells a lot like chocolate and pies and cookies and muffins. Especially muffins.

There are always people there. Always. Even at 5 am or midnight we have people there. There's a local dive bar across the parking lot, so we get all sorts. Sundays are interesting because we are close to a couple *huge* churches. [my town has more churches than you can shake a stick at, and there's some that are big enough they have gymnasiums and pools and workout centers, and the like] so there's always a ton of church people in on Sunday.

We serve food on huge oval shaped trays. They get really hot and so I carry a manky brown potholder [the stores, not mine] to keep from frying my hands completely. They don't work all the time. I wear black pants and a mens white stsrched dress shirt to work with a company apron [gag] and a little pin denoting the fact that I have had a hospitality award [already!] and one that looks like pancakes to symbolize the tradition of my stores history. I also have a little nametag that has "Alecya" printed on it neatly. I get an engraved one after 6 months *shivers with anticipation*

Everyone who works at my store are supposed to be considered my family, my General Manager, Flower, told me when I started working. And they are too! They are unususally affectionate, as I pointed out before. And they get in eachother's business to. They know who's making thier bills, who has boyfriends, husband trouble, or incurable diseases. [We have someone who has MS in our store] They whisper about work ethic and friends and nonsense like that. I had one girl, Fruity [store nic - not mine] walk up to me about a month after I'd been there and say to me [Im quoting the converstation]

"are you married?"
"do you have a boyfriend?"
"Do you like anybody?"
No, not like, employees, just, anybody"
"no, I dont have time"
"That's boring"
"I suppose"

So there you have it, I'm boring. Of course, I picked up a little bit of a religious overtone, and a little homophobia from some of the servers. I keep quiet about my personal life. Besides if they dont think I have one, they cant pry, can they? I've even had people ask me how much money I am averaging. [I dont usually tell unless I am in a terrible mood and I want to make someone cry, but suffice to say, I am doing more than fine] Very very nosey.

Alright. So that's a bit of my store. There's a crane game in one corner where people try to catch stuffed animals, a sticker machine in the square shaped lobby between the doors, and two paper machines outside - one for local paper and one for USA today.

Maybe, next time, I will tell you things I learn about people on smoke breaks? [I take them, although I don't smoke - is five free minutes to decompress for me....] You hear the oddest things. People are so willing to talk when they're smoking.....

Tell me what you think, what you want....



Flash said...

AG I love you!
When I answered that question I meant that I was sure that I'd become a completely self-involved asshole with no real idea of how to be humble!
However your assumption that I may well be "built" to be a rock star had me giggling...

Many a true word said in jest, eh? *winks*

Erika said...

Steal that description of you without shame, girl - every word of it is true!

And it was the picture of you in the sassy shirt cut down to here in the front. I think you posted in during a tattoo discussion? Maybe? I don't remember. But really sexy shirt.