Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oh my God, They Killed Denny!

Wow. So I've been gone a few days. And I still haven't gotten to writing that peice for Eric, although I swear I will. Every time I sit at my home computer I see the words written on a stick it at the bottom of my screen. Sad thing is, I hardly use the home computer. I'm working on that, though.

I do have some interesting things in brief. First, Does anyone watch Grey's Anatomy? [Americans?] Because THEY KILLED DENNY!!!!!!! I'll never live it down. I could have managed if he had died getting his heart transplant, but they had to let him live, propose to Izzy, let her say yes and then kill him [on Prom Night, no less]

Poor feller, bad heart and fell in love with a model who was smart enough to become a surgeon. Should have known he didn't stand a chance. Especially once she was willing to cut the cord on his thingy to make sure he almost died and qualified for a transplant. And I loved him. *sigh* Story of my life, eh?

And is anone else sick of Meredith and the doctor thing Move on, chica, he's married. What makes you think he won't cheat on you?

Oh. In other TV news....the girl I like on Top Model and the team I liked on Amazing Race won this time around. I didn't like anyone really, on Survivor, so that was a crapshoot. Although I did favor the Yoga Guy to the Jersey Girl. Yup.

Anyway. Perpet also posted a fantastic peice on a CDC article telling all women to treat their health as if they were Pre-Pregnant. She also has a link to the article. I could rant, but really, she does a better job than I ever could. Pre-pregnant my ass....Oh, I will post an excerpt, though...

Your organization recently released a study that told women to act as though they are “pre-pregnant”. I’m curious as to the full extent of your definition. Yes, we should take our folic acid and drink less and stop smoking, but shouldn’t we also be trying to find a date for Saturday night, in hopes that the male could be our pre-sperm donor? Should we start house shopping so that we may find that perfect room for that pre-nursery? Should we begin learning to knit so we can prepare the pre-booties?

Perpet, you're a genuis and you inspire me. Oh, and sorry about S and the wedding, well, not the wedding, but te trip. Everyone likes a trip. Maybe we'll all go down on Pride weekend? Lots of fun...

X3 is coming out this weekend too. I fully intend to go. I am very much looking forward to it. And I broke the bank and bought the 4 CD special edition when I was out at Wal-mart ["taking over the world, one low price at a time!"] last night shopping for chocolate. Incidentlly, Spinny, is it even possible for all of us to manage a similar cycle although we've never even seen eachother? Because it seems like we do...


Alright. I'm off.

Lots of love.


HistoryGeek said...

Sorry to hear about Denny...I don't watch that show, though, so can't comment intelligently.

But Top Model, I'm sorry, I think that Joanie was robbed. I liked Danielle, but not as much. And, thank gods, they ousted Jade! As for the Amazing Race...Yay! for the Hippies! If the Geeks couldn't win, then I was all for the Hippies.

Oh, dear, I think I may be destroying my pre-pregnant status by taking the pill.

Hel said...

thanks for visiting my blog, you have good music taste too! :)
About that post in my blog about flags on cars... it's a bit of a joke that i guess you have to be in England to understand. Whenever the World or European football championships are approaching, hooligans stick England flags at the top of every door on their cars. The sort of people that like to cover their cars in England flags are also the sort of people that like getting drunk, getting into fights, doing other stupid stuff like drink-driving, etc.
I didn't know that women had to have red flags on their cars or have men walking in front of them - that's quite sexist!
I haven't smoked for the last few days, i think i'm quitting for good now. At least i'll save money! I've had 3 of my 4 exams now, and they haven't gone too badly actually, and i'm confident about the next exam (tomorrow morning), so all is now well :)

Flash said...

Um, I'm quite prone to affixing a st georges flag to my car at these sort of times. And I am none of the following:
A hooligan
Someone who gets into fights
A drink- driver.
I will confess to being the sort of person who likes to get drunk.
Another thing I am not is someone who makes narrow-minded judgemental assumptions about people from the tiniest shred of evidence.

Nice to see you back Hotty!

HistoryGeek said...

Flash - you are not a hooligan because you don't engage in "violent or destructive behavior" (unless it's in connection to a certain Big Brother participant). However, Wikipedia does say that hooliganism is linked "in the public mind with football (soccer) clubs (or occasionally with other sports) and their supporters." It adds: "As well as football, hooligans have also attached themselves to other sports, such as rugby and cricket." Given this evidence, I am wondering if perhaps the venerable ST might be flirting with hooliganism. Now that I think about it, with that mustache, he does seem sort of shady.

Alecya G said...

Hel - good to see you. Welcome. I'm thinking you're going to be a quick addition to my blogroll. And I see, again, I've managed to miss a cute British joke. I need to have a word with ST and Flash and all my other lovlies about letting me in on these inside jokes so I don't make a total berk of myself each time I post. As for my taste in music, its largely aquired through the brilliant minds that have been sending it to me, although I'll claim Ani and classic rock as my own. Oh - and the "shouty nonsense"

Spinny- I thought Joanie was too commercial, and they're supposed to be looking for high fashion, supposedly....

Flash - thanks handsome, good to be back. Especially with you lurking about ;)

You know, Eric, as a man in pre-fatherhood, you really ought to be practicing good health, as well as [depending on the type of father you would like to be] beer drinking, ball game shouting, or [in the case of my dads] unreliability and emotional unavilablity - just to give yourself a jump start. I suppose the fact that it attracts loads of good looking american women with no self esteem is just a side benefit...[sarcasm, there, by the way - but you know the type, I know you do]

Aravis said...

I was for the Hippies too. *G*

As for your taste in music, alecya, I love it. I listen to the cd you sent all the time and am not tired of it yet. :0)

Cody Bones said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Cody Bones said...

"Playoff hockey fever in Edmonton has dried up beer taps in the city. CTV's Joel Gotlib reports"
as excerpted by

I wonder if people there have flags on their cars?

adem said...

Hey there AG!! Just floating around and hadn't been here for a bit, and wanted to say Hi.

They've started showing Greys Anatomy over heretoo, so no doubt you've ruined a major plotline!!! Luckily I don't watch it ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you're not alone, my Ma watches Grey's Anatomy and she too was shocked by Denny's passing. Me, I think you're both sad! ;)

Alecya G said...

I dunno who's comment got deleted, but I didnt'do it I swear. Wonky blogger....

swisslet said...

right. first thing is that I *AM* watching Grey's Anatomy, and that had better not be a bloody spoiler, young lady. I stopped reading your post immediately, but I fear the damage may have been done.


The other thing to say is that I think Flash is being a bit mean to Helfire. I know she's clearly hit something of a nerve (see Flash's place for details), but I don't think she's being genuinely narrow-minded. She's just young mate! Give her a break.

And what hooligan tendencies spin? eh? based on what evidence!