Thursday, May 18, 2006

This weekend Beloved is going away with her mom and sister. I will be very lonely. This is my pthetic cry for lots of email and comfort ;)

No, really, I think it will be alright.

Oh, I opened for the first time Wednesday when the President of the Entire Corporation was there, along with some other big shots. It went okay. They didnt get there until 8am which was good. Iwas laughing by then. But when I first came in [ you know early I had to get up??? 3:45!] I turned the tea maker on for the iced and sweet teas [I know, fellas, I can hear you gagging now....] and I didnt realize that the spigots were there was tea all over the floor. I put in the spiot adn forgot the stopper, so tea all over the floor twice. Not fun. Other than that? Things were swimmingly great.

Alright. Short but sweet. Have to run. Love you all. I do.



HistoryGeek said...

A little (or a lot) spilled tea is all? It sounds like you did fabulous!

Aravis said...

I'm laughing right now, having done the same thing myself! *LOL* But otherwise it sounds as though things went well? Hope you managed to catch up on your sleep after that.

Enjoy the weekend to yourself. :0)

-L said...

I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend by your lonesome, Alecya. Pamper yourself! Treat yourself like the Goddess you are! Make yourself a fun drink (perhaps not tea, though!) and enjoy. That is my wish for you. :)

adem said...

It's good to have some 'me' time every so often, so enjoy it.

And I'm glad the opening went well. Did you actually get any sleep? That's a terrible time to get up.

Flash said...

Yep, you should try & enjoy your alone time, do something fruitful with it maybe?