Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brown Paper Packages, Tied Up With String

I wanted to write about sex again, but then, I was thinking, you lot must get really tired of me talking about sex all the time. [So I used a Julie Andrews song quote, how's that for killing the mood? heh heh] So I am going to try and navigate away from that a little, and instead give you a bit of a list. I would like to see you all add to my list, partially because I am curious, and partially because I like seeing this in other people, I think it tells me a lot about you. And I think this will also tell you a lot about me, and who I am, and the type of things I like. I am feeling more again like opening up to you and sharing myself with you.

Here we go. Two lists. Leave me a note [at least on list one], and tell me what you think.

Things I Like [in general]: wild flowers, lavender roses, lilies, the smell of leather, the sound of a key turning in the lock, the feel of fur, being tickled until I can hardly speak from the laughter, rock music, the smell of the produce section in my local grocery store, strawberries, butterscotch, toffee, chocolate covered potato chips, fuzzy blankets, the smell of rain, hugging someone - around the waist is the best, dancing, stretching really hard when I wake up, dry champagne, red wine, whiskey - neat, silk clothes, lots of buttons, music - especially mix CD’s, songs that make you think of happy memories, letters written by hand, whispering, taking photographs, long phone conversations, taffy, walks in the springtime, jumping into piles of leaves in the autumn [yes, yes I do], running a horse, roller coasters that go upside down, when I finish a friend’s sentence, making people laugh, talking in a cartoon voice, painting on a canvas.

Things I Like [relating to the sensual]: slow dancing, necks, shoulders, collarbones, when a woman wears a long skirt and all you can see is her ankles, mouths, kissing [without tongue - for a long time], cuddling, women’s calves, mens upper arm, the look of a person’s back, having mine scratched, kissing fingertips, kissing a cheek [when you kiss a friend you care for], being held really tight and sharing the same breath, women in high heels, neckties [I have a terrible fetish - I collect them and wear them myself - I especially love vintage ties and solid silks], blindfolds, whispering, someone telling me what they want, candlelight, listening to music with someone, smiles - especially slow ones, flannel pajama pants, massages, laying with my back to someone’s chest, having my eyelids kissed, being pet across my stomach after.

So, do we have any in common? What do you like? Anything you feel the opposite on?

Also, if you have a suggestion about something you would like me to tell you or a particular idea or subject you would like me to take a stab a t writing, leave me a comment or email me, and I will write whatever you like. I like to be given ideas, especially from people who know my writing because its you that can stretch me and give me scope, and you who know what I am capable of writing.

Oh- and the flower I posted a picture of up there, in case you aren't familiar with it, is one of my favorites, called Cupid's Dart.


Anonymous said...

I'll e-mail you my lists, it's easier. :)

swisslet said...

I once saw a film where julie andrews gets her tits out. it was just wrong.

Alecya G said...

*snickers* That is the most disgusting thing I have everheard, ST. Really.

Phil, send me the list, I would like that.

HistoryGeek said...

Julie Andrews wrote a great book for young adults. I think I read it a 1000 times.

As for my lists...I'll have to think about that. Maybe that'll be a post tomorrow.

Erika said...

I didn't realize how very much I like kissing friends on the cheek until I read your list and felt this surge of emotion. There's just something so... intimate and... trusting... about it. It may well be the entire reason I'm moving to Mexico...

I'll have a think and get back to you on my list. I just wanted to share that cheek kissing thing.