Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, now. I wanted to tell you why I have the people I do on my blogroll. I obviously visit more blogs than this, but the ones on my sidebar are, honestly, the ones I read obsessively.

Charby is on my blogroll because when I came across her through another person’s site [Hyde’s I think] I was completely struck at how honest she was. And how she never seemed to complain about the things that happen to her so much as she accepted it, and then went about her life. I am always amazed at how she loves her family and how sweet she can be. I am very jealous of the passion she has for her family. I think its lovely. And, I should point out, how well she knows her footie.

Spinsterwitch is another amazing woman. I was overjoyed to find her, in part, because finding someone like yourself is always a joy, and also, because she is sensitive. If you know her at all, you know how in touch she is with everything around her, how much she loves her friends. She always wants to make herself better, something I really admire. Spinny radiates love, and peace, and I found myself drawn to her blog, if only to see how she was. She made me care about her.

The Urban Fox is the first politically dedicated blog I ever visited. She is terribly outspoken and very, very blunt. I like that she makes no bones about her opinions, and that her readers use her comments as a forum to communicate with her, and each other. Fox’s blog makes me think. I like that.

Pisser is on my blogroll because she is a funny, sarcastic bitch. There’s no other way to put it. When I have a bad day, I go visit Pisser. She makes me laugh. She reminds me how much I appreciate being me. Right now she’s had a loss, and although she never comments, I hope she knows my thoughts are with her.

The Annals of Mr. Hyde is no longer where Hyde writes. However, this was the first blog I ever read. This is the blog that inspired me to get one. And Hyde- the writer, the person, the diva - I leave it there to remind me of her. She is passion, Hyde. She is beautiful. She is, in my mind, the ultimate paradox. Fragile Strength.

Gladys is another tough cookie. And she was one of the first people to wander over to my place and say hello. I was so excited. And she stays on top of things. I love that when I visit her I always read something that makes me aware of the nature of people. And as a person, she’s a fighter - tough as they come. I really admire her.

I don’t know who could not love Flash. He is endearing in a way I can’t comprehend. But, I read his comments, and wandered to his site, and I was an addict. Life is a huge adventure for him, and I never get tired of hearing about his escapades. He is also completely shameless about who and what he is, and there are too few people who are like that.

Lord Bargain writes with a really passionate tone. He’s one of the few bloggers that I can hear a distinct voice for when I read his blog. He is also unflinchingly honest about himself and his opinions. He is completely human, there is no doubt that there is someone on the other end of the screen who is living, breathing, suffering and rejoicing. He also has decent taste in music, something everyone can appreciate.

Red One has been gone since before Christmas, although I think I saw Red sneaking about some comments earlier this week. Its my hope I’ll soon get to read the passionate and well thought posts Red always provides with regards to the current state of the world. Red also got me involved in NaNoWriMo, so I owe a big thank you to Red. I met my best friend through NaNo and I also got going on my writing. Thanks, Red.

Swiss Toni never fails to get his readers involved in his blog. I like this. His blog is completely interactive, be it photo contests or weekly reads or earworm lists, you can’t go there and be a passive reader. You have to involve yourself. He draws his readers in. When I first came across him I saw his comments on another site. I actually had to go looking for his link on people’s site’s for about a week before I decided it was time to add him to mine. Lucky for me, I think everyone on the planet links to him, so I never had to work hard to get there. This is another fellow with decent taste in music. As an added bonus [although he’ll protest] he’s a pretty nice guy, too.

Perpet [Mystery] is my ML for NaNo. She is an outspoken, loud, foul mouthed, opinionated, liberal geek, and that’s just the start of it. But she’s sweet. And funny. And also happens to be one of the two bloggers on my blogroll I have ever met. If you look far enough back you can see some of her fiction writing, which is amazing. She inspires me to be a better writer.

Malachai Succar is the link to the person I commonly call ‘Froboy about the sight. It’s a good source of meme’s and silliness. He is the other blogger on my roll that I have met, and in fact, lives only a few blocks from me. Nice guy. Odd, but nice.

Aravis is a sweetheart. And I am completely addicted to her photos. They are lovely. She also writes about some of her delightful habits [such as shooting nerf guns at the TV and randomly bursting into song on occasion] that make me like her all the more. She’s a lovely lady, and she writes with a lot of honestly. She is also a wonderful blog friend, seems like every time I have a bad day she’s one of the first to send me virtual hugs. She’s a darling, pure and simple. Go get to know her.

B has been missing for a while, but I read her when I started writing over at Reader Meet Author, and I am determined not to miss a second when she comes back. If she’s moved, someone poke me, so I can get a move on.

The Big Blog’s Adem is a funny, funny guy. He also will surprise me on occasion with a post about politics or some pics of him and his buddies out celebrating or in general having a nice time. Adem’s blog is lacking in the usual blog drama, and he’s always a pleasure to visit.

Mr. Mystic has been a dark father type figure around the neighborhood as long as I can remember. I linked up to him once I realized I was heading to his site every time he left a comment on someone’s blog. To me he seems really wise, and incredibly loving. He’s also got going an all women’s blog at the moment, which I think is fantastic.

Reader Meet Author gets so many plugs I am sure you all are sick of hearing about it. But if you are looking for fiction, and something interesting to read, go there. Incidentally, I am going to start serializing my NaNo novel on it, so if you were looking to read it, this might be a good place to go. Look out for other amazing writers as well, including a few from my blogroll and quite a few I am not linked to, but are likely to end up here eventually.

Fear and Loafing in England, one of my newer additions, is also one of my newer addictions. Mark [its author] is a really fascinating guy. He has no shortage of opinions on everything from movies, to politics, to books, to former lovers. He is sometimes painfully honest about his past, and I can’t get enough of him. He also updates more than any blogger I know, so its always interesting to head over there throughout the day to see what is on his mind.

The Grey City Manifesto is where Ka resides when she isn’t off traveling the world, and if you can find a sweeter, more genuine lady, I want you to point her out to me. That’s not to say the women I have previously mentioned aren’t great, but when I visit Ka I always wind up just a little touched. There’s always something interesting going on with her, as well. I love to see what she’s been up to.

Crucifer is an addition from the RMA page. He doesn’t update often, but he does write some interesting stuff, and to my knowledge, knows more about gaming than any blogger I’ve yet met.

Freespurge is actually not my discovery. Phil wandered over to my site from a few links [thank you Adem, and Lord B] and I couldn’t be happier he did. For one thing, he loves Firefly/Serentiy and I’d like him for only that. But I read Freespurge for Phil’s personality. He’s a captivating person. Whether he is off to a new city, or looking for a new job, or just waxing poetical about his life, he makes me want to read more. He’s shiny.

The Secret Room, of course, is my blog. Of course I will add it on to my blogroll. I do have some collaborators, though, and as soon as they get the lead out we’ll be seeing more interesting stuff than I can write, I am sure. However, I will say, if you are missing my near daily cries for sex or sensuality, this is where they have disappeared to. So you can go check them out.

Right. So thats the people on my blogroll and a terribly worded explanation as to how they got there.

I would be remiss in not mentioning Sunshine, who's blog has been changed, and to whom I will not link to per request. She's a great lady. I like her a lot. Good friend. *waves at Sunshine*

Love you all.



Flash said...

Aw, thanks honey though I'm sure there are lots of folk who'd disagree with "cant not love Flash"

Lordy B's good taste in music? You wanna try being mauled by his I-pod for a few hours, eh ST?

All together now..."5,6,7,8!"

red one said...

no, I'm not quite there yet...

*lurks about*

Alecya - that is very sweet of you. But I don't understand about Nanowrimo: I wasn't in it, didn't do it and am not quite sure how I could have persuaded you to do it. Have you got me mixed up with Foxy? That's who was inciting people to commit novels, not me I'm afraid.

Hyde said...

Alecya! You are so thoughtful. And I'm honored (in a weird way) to have been your intro to this. Btw--I did just put a post up at my old address, so it's not entirely defunct yet!

You are a sweetheart and I'm glad you stopped lurking and starting sharing yourself with all of us!

lots of love,


Alecya G said...

Not at all Foxy! I like you for your bluntness. My Beloved is the same way, to a fault.

I didn't mean it as an insult at all. I love how you don't mince words. I am sorry if you took it the wrong way.

I like you just fine!

Alecya G said...

Red, I know I saw something about it on your site first. I am nearly sure of it. Then again, my brain has rusted a little since October.

And of course Foxy had a part in it as well, I suppose Iowe her a thanks too.

Aravis said...

Alecya, you're the sweetheart! Your kindness and openness are refreshing, and you always have something fun and interesting to share. Thank-you!

Aw Fox, don't make me come over there and scratch behind your ears. *G* You're lovely, talented and brilliant of course. Everyone knows that! :0)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a television to shoot while singing songs from "Annie Get Your Gun..."

Anonymous said...

Lady? Me? Surely you are mistaken.

I am fond of you too. I haven't been around a lot lately and w/ joining the gym I'm afraid I will be around less and less.

Your blog is addicting as well.

Thanks for the shout out and respecting my privacy about the blog.

HistoryGeek said...

See, that's what we love about you, AG. You are so sweet and complimentary. And dead on in describing everyone.

And, Foxy, believe me when I say that I aspire to being as outspoken as you.

Mark said...

I might have to borrow that and use it as an advert for me...

adem said...

"Funny how? Funny like a clown?"

Alecya G said...

heh heh. No adem, funny like you make me smile. I dunno! Do you want to be funny like a clown?

Erika said...

Wow, Alecya, what an amazing, flattering, humbling, touching post! What a gift! Thank you so much.

LB said...

leave off my taste in music, heathens.

*makes fist*

Anonymous said...

I am flattered that I am on your sidebar.

Alecya G said...

Erm, alright, Mystic. Thanks. Really, I - I suppose it looks as though I want a thank you, doesnt it?

This post was really to tell all of you thanks for your influences.

And Bargsy - as much as everyone mocks you for it, I like the stuff you listen to. O rmost of it anyway...

Anonymous said...

You're pretty damn shiny yourself sweetheart.x

swisslet said...

thanks beautiful.


swisslet said...

oh and adem - nice one.


(and flash is so right about Lord B's iPod you wouldn't believe)