Monday, May 15, 2006

I think sick like ginger ale

Wow. First, thanks to all of you for your support. I really appreciate it.

Things since I spoke with all last have been a bit nuts, really. I worked Friday night until 1:30 am and then went back at 8 am and then worked Mothers Day from 6:30 to 3:30. So I've been running a little thin lately. I need sleep, to be honest. I did that this morning, and I am feeling much better.

On the topic of work, though,there have been some interesting developments. First is that I sold 20 or so pies Friday night. Not slices, whole ones. This is a lot. Our store only sold 30 all day, including mine, so that tells you how often someone sells that many pies. This said, the Presdent of the Entire Corporation is coming for a visit on Wednesday. Pet My Hair had put together an all star list of servers to work that day, to impress him especially. Guess who's on the list. That's right. Not only that, but I am opening, which mans I will be the very first of the star servers he meets. I've never opened the store before. I am, understandably I think, nervous. Actually I am petrified of failing. *And* I have to be at work at 5:30 am. To look normal I'm going to have to get up at 3! Yep, nervous.

In other news, I owe Big and Stupid an apology. BS is a lot younger than I thought she was. This is her first job. I thought she was my age. She's 17. Yeah. I'm a jerk. Not to mention everyone else is far meaner to her than they probably ought to be, as a result of her often screwing things up. Yep. And I know I was one of them. The other day I tried to smile and be nice and give her helpful pointers and cheer her up because she looked totally lost. As a result she has started to come up to me and tell me things about herself and in general treat me like the friend I'm not really being. She came up to me after my break yesterday and told me she had gotten worried about me since she hadn't seen me for half an hour. *sighs* I hope this doesnt become an attachment I can't handle. I know you all think I am in general loving and friendly, but honestly, she still makes me crazy and for her to be attached...its like that sloth and mammoth in Ice Age. I just want to feed her to the Rhinocerouses [sp?]

I've not talked to my mother since the dinner date. I really didn't expect her to call and thank me. I didn't. Preistess did call, though and she and I are going out for lunch at the same itialian restaurant my mom and I went to. She suggested it, and I think that she is trying to replace a bad memory with a good one, or something like that. She would approve of the balance between the two, anyway. I've not seen her in a few weeks so it will be nice to catch up and spend some time with her. As a note, and I am sure you are wondering, yes, I did tell Preistess about my mom and what my grandmother said and she didn't laugh [neither did I for that matter] but did say she felt bad for my mom, but wouldn't say anything. I appreciated that.

I've been thinking about tatoos again lately, which is probably unhealthy, since I've got until January before I'll allow myslef to get another one, just because I feel like more than one a year borders on A Problem. But that is the way I have been feeling, like I need to strike out and do something significant and beautiful. Its probably me slipping into one of those silly meloncholy moods I go into where I get in the mood to create and be beautiful and appreciate. Its the moods when I paint, when I get tattoos, when I write my best stuff. Unfortunately I am completely tapped out for writing ideas, I have no idea where the drought has come from [although, Mystic, if you're reading, your dream the other night gave me tons of ideas....not that I can follow through, was food for thought for TSR] But I can see it coming, sometimes I can, I've been prone to bubblebaths and candlelight and slower and darker music lately. It comes and goes in cycles. Yes, I can hear you thinking, like depression - but its not that, I know the difference. My depressions trigger my panic attacks, there's a huge difference...right. Shutting up. Point is, inspiration is coming, I can tell, one of my creative bouts. So maybe I'll get to writing something nice. Maybe.

Anyway, back to the tattoos, I've been thinking of them and I honestly can't understand why I love them some much, short the fact I feel like my body is another pallette to paint images of myself and my ideas....

On a new topic....I thought I might post this pic, and I know its making me sound like a total geek, but X# is coming out, and at first I was a little nervous about the selection of Dr. Hank McCoy [Beast] for the films...but, maybe you know who they chose?

Kelsey Grammer. I think he's a perfect pic, and I think he'll make a great addition to an already lovely cast. He's a good actor, who doesn't get enough credit for his ability to stretch himself. He's much more than just Kramer, and I am looking forward to him branching out into this genre. I've been rewatching the old films lately, and I've got a hankering to head over to the local comic book store and get to purchasing and re-reading the comics. I loved them when I was younger [read - jr high and high school] and I am looking forward to reaquainting myself with the series.

Right, off to geek out. You tell me something fun. Maybe suggestions for a short story, or something? I need inspiration and all of you tend to be my muses. Lucky me. I got a good set of 'em, eh?

Oh - and lastly: ST get better, Spinny gets hugs and smiles, Flash welcome back from your trip, Phil - buck up, I hope you're holding up alright, Cody - itsgood to see you around. I like you. Come back. Julius if you're reading, hello, and welcome to the fold.


Flash said...

I'm also looking forward to X3, it should rock. It's even got former Leeds Utd "hero" Vinnie Jones in it!

As for creativity, I find I struggle for inspiration when all around me is fine & dandy. Good job I've already written the songs for Album 2, eh? I'd be buggered otherwise!

Mark said...

something fun? dancing half naked and singing badly when nobody's round is immense fun.

Cody Bones said...

GO to and click on digital comics, you can read a few X-men comics and not have to go to the store. Well done if I do say so myself. BTW thanks for inviting me back. Let me know when you get sick of me.

Aravis said...

Kelsey Grammar is the producer of the tv show "Medium," and just played a sort of Angel of Death in it last week. Very funny. I agree with you that he doesn't get enough credit.

Good luck with the various work situations, and with the creative block! I get those too.

adem said...

I read that this one is going to be the last of the films in the X-men series, and is going to tie up a lot of loose ends.

I must admit that I actually prefer the animated series which is BRILLIANT!

Well done for the pies too!

HistoryGeek said...

Yay! for X3. Can we just say what a yummy cast this is?! (yes, yes, Spinny has sex on the brain these days.)

Something fun? A day at a carnival...whatever happened with a simple carnival?

Aravis said...

I saw Hugh Jackman in an interview tonight, and while he said this is the last of the X-Men movies, they are already working on a spin-off that would include Wolverine.

HistoryGeek said...

Ah, Aravis, that bit of news has made my day. I love that character...and Jackman playing it is especially nummy!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this will be tha last Xmen.

Alecya G said...

*sigh* its nice to know I am not geeking out on my own.

Flash - I am sure your new album will be brilliant. You always seem deligtfully inspired.

Mark - if you only knew how often I did that...[or *do* you...heh heh]

Cody - thanks for the tip. I appreciate it. And you are always more than welcome. I won't run you off. You've always got something interesting to say, and I am delighted your stumbled into our neighborhood.

Aravis- I love medium! and he was brilliant as the Angel of Death. I think he has a lot of talent and vision.

Adem- I know. you know after three, movie series tend to go a bit downhill. I won't be too sad, I can finally buy the set on DVD. I used to watch the animated series over here when I was in [again] jr high and high school. I wish that I still had time to do so.

Spinny - *drools with you* Wolverine in the cage was a heart throb moment for me, in the first movie. Although, and this tells you what a weirdo I am, I felt strangely attracted and protective of Nightcrawler, but I think its because he was so sweet....

Eric! Welcome! *hugs joyously, backs off, a little embarassed* good to see you. How did you find me? Its nice to find other writers, too. There's a lot in our little neighborhood that are quite talented. I'll duly post a brilliant story for you, which will include all of those words. Should be fun!

Mystic - I think its a bit for the series, but I wouldn't be suprised to see, as someone mentioned, a spinoff.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting up an X-Men comic collection. You're welcome to borrow them at any time.

I'm off work Thursday and Friday. Are you free at all? We could just bum around the apartment a bit or something.

swisslet said...

...apparently they've actually left the ending of X3 open (magneto and xavier playing chess... just as in the first two) so they do have room for a sequel.

I've really enjoyed them, and they've been dar better than I had dared hope. I think Hugh Jackman is excellent -- of course -- but the other are good too. I also totally agree about the casting of Frasier.

As for me... well, the eye is getting better, but now I have a damn sore throat!

How are you tiger? I miss you!


Alecya G said...

ST - you never fail to make my day...I'll tell you...Incidentally, Feel Good Inc just came on my headphones, always think of you, not sure why... Glad to hear the eye is better, but you better get your throat checked out. You're a regular rag doll lately, dear. Oh, and I like the new Avi

AS for the movies? Hurrah, is all I have to say.

Gayle - I'll be happy to pal around. I am all alone this weekend, Beloved is headed out of town. You should come over. And maybe, since I am off in the morning, we can go have breakfast or something.