Friday, December 23, 2005

*The* Best Part of Christmas

That's right. I am a shameless attention whore. Thus, I would like kisses. So you better leave me some.

Heh heh heh.

Jsut kidding. I'll be hanging round for the holidays, though, so you all better keep coming by. I'll get awfully lonely.

Plus, there will be no one to feel sorry for me when I whine about how bad Chrsitmas was at my mom's or cheer for how much I loved Beloved and her family. I was telling Sunshine, though, I think I am going to "forget" no one in my mom's side of the familt drinks wine, so when I get there I can crack open the bottle and at least be mildly hazy during all teh madness. And yes, I know I shouldn't be using alcohol to cope. But if you had my mother? Exactly.

Beloved got me a present I didn't ask for and I've been shaking the box and have no clue what it is. I am dying to find out. On teh flip side, I got her a few things she didn't ask for, and I keep telling her its an emu. She doesn't believe me.

He's cute, right?

Well then. I hope everyone is all settled in and excited for their holiday. Goodness knows I am. And then [squeee!] in two weeks its my 24th birthday and I get my new tatoos. And I will surely post a picture of them, along with my exisiting ones, for all of you to see. But I'll warn you, 'cause its likely you migh tget a shot of my knickers, since my one tatoo is so low. It occurs to me Iwill have to take my top off at the tattoo shop this time around. Last two times I just pulled my shirt up. Goodness.

Right, well, with that frightening thought, I'll let you all run to your respective homes and enjpy the eveing/morning/whatever.

Lots of Yule Lovin'


PS- here's those kisses - ******************* feel free to pick one up.


Charby said...

Xmas Kisses back AC!


LB said...

*dangles mistletoe*

have a great Christmas, young lady.

HistoryGeek said...


Now I can say I kissed 2 girls this year! I think that's a record for me.

The emu is adorable...hope you left it some food in the box!