Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I just lost my job, kids. And not becaus eI am bad at what I do or slack off or am lazy or any of those legitimate easons I could be fired. No. They "Don't like my personality. [I] don't fit in...Wouldn't be fair to others to make them be around someone [like me that] doesn't mesh well"

Assholes. Seriously. In teh space of 6 months I have gone in, reconfigured all their filing systems for them, re-organized thier receiving, designed a new process to make them more efficinet in the making of tehir manuals, caught them up on 6 months of backwork, have them 6 months ahead in manuals, and have done everything I told them I would do when they hired me, plus answer the phones, learn payroll and all that.

And they fired me. Ass holes. But htey let me do 10 bids this mornign before I left.

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sunshine said...

Sorry :(