Thursday, December 01, 2005

Overdue Post

I was going back through my posts, and noticed I haven't yet plugged Ani Difranco, who is possibly my favorite musical artist of all time. Ani is an indie/folk/rock artist who started her own label when she was about 19. She has 17 albums currently.

My blog is titled in part after her 11th album, Little Plastic Castle. The title track on this album is the first of her songs I ever heard, and I was addicted from day one.

I'm going to be a little lazy and not post lyrics today, but I seriously encourage you to check her out. She's amamzing, she writes almost all of her own stuff, and has been doing this since she was 19. A lot of her albums have political tracks on them ,and she is deliciously liberal. Her voice is also very unique, and she uses it in more ways than I have ever seen a singer do.

If you do check out her albums, and youdecide to buy some, my favorites are:

1. Living in Clip - her first live album
2. Ani Difranco - The first Album
3. Little Plastic Castle

I own quite a few more than these, but I feel like these three really give youa good idea of the deapth of her work. If you like somethign a little more Jazzy sounding, check out "Revelling and Reckoning" another 2 CD set that has a lot more instrumentals in it.

I edited this to add another picture of her, because, I'll admit, I think she is beautiful. Silly me.

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HistoryGeek said...

Ani is both lovely and a fine artist. This is a great post.