Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas at Beloved's

Well, I went to Beloved's family Christmas last night and it was wonderful. Her mom got me a pedicure set and some bath gels and her standard monetary gift. Her sister got us some towels and a beautiful picure frame she had collaged with picures of us in it. I also got a leather bound writing journal from her, and its lovely.

We went to have dinner at her grandmother's and we had a nice time. I got to play with her cousins, and they are all adorable. I got some nice pics, so as soonas they ae developed I will put them up.

Beloved liked the sweaters and watch I got her. She was very excited. I got the nirvana "Withthe Lights Out" CD set, Imajica by Clive barker and a (huge suprise) saphire and diamond bracelet that took my breath away. So I feel quite spoiled.

We're off to my mom's tonight, and I am sick, so I am not looking forward to it one bit. Hopefully, I will get over the nausea before we go. Must be catching, eh Swiss?

Hope you are all doing well....



swisslet said...

happy christmas kiddo....


HistoryGeek said...

I hope you are better. This business of being sick on the holiday is just not right.